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    Of Monsters and Truth

    11.24.2014 / LIFE

    Some days, you just have to let yourself melt. To curl up on the kitchen floor (why is it always the kitchen floor?) and cry, for no reason at all and for every reason there ever was. To take deep breaths, talk yourself down, talk yourself back up and then put the toddler to sleep and text your best girlfriend …

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    A Custom Christmas (Pt. 1)

    11.20.2014 / FAMILY

    I get it now, I do – this crazy Christmas hype. When I was a kid, Christmas was everything. It was snowflakes and carols, curled ribbons and gooey buckeyes. And then – somewhere along the way – I lost the spark. I fell victim to every plot in every holiday movie: Grown-up grows weary of holiday shopping and hustle and bustle. Fails to see Christmas magic until a dimpled kid or traumatic event or incredible miracle provides a tangible ‘Come …

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    11.14.2014 / LIFE

    The reunion had been planned for what, six months? A weekend away in Chicago, just our tiny group of women and the many hats we pack in our suitcases: chefs and mothers and designers and musicians. And it sounded perfect. Until it didn’t sound perfect, and the days grew closer and the nights grew longer. Bee wasn’t sleeping and work wasn’t working and my brain felt like maybe it was on the fritz. I don’t know about electricity, but like …

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