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  • IMG_4044

    A Short Poem

    05.26.2015 / OTHER

    I’m presenting this without commentary, as I want it to remain as untouched and unstained for you as it was for me. And I hope it might change the trajectory of your Tuesday, as it did for me: “It is a kind of love, is it not? How the cup holds the tea, How the chair stands sturdy and foursquare, …

  • erin-loechner-shower

    Amber & Order

    05.22.2015 / PLAY

    Well, let’s just get down to it. Last week, while Bee was napping a bit longer than usual, I headed to the bathroom for lotion and promptly decided to reorganize. Reorganizing, purging, editing, culling – these are all of my love languages, and had I been able to register for my wedding at The Container Store, I would have been a beaming bride indeed. There is no end to my love for a streamlined linen closet, and I do not …

  • Design for Mankind + Munchkin

    Cold Water & A Road Trip

    05.20.2015 / FAMILY

    I write about these things and I think that if the type sets hard enough, if the words are black enough, the sentences ending in period, perhaps I will get it right? I have not yet got it right. A road trip, then. It is Saturday, just the girls, and we have two hours of driving ahead of us – an open road, the sun hiding, Bee in an extraordinarily happy mood. We are listening to a childrens’ CD, and …

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