• all-are-welcome

    A December Rest

    12.18.2014 / OTHER

    There have been rumblings around the water cooler of my small world, and the rumbles are saying this, over and over again: We are tired. We are weary. December is wearing us thin and our knuckles are beginning to dry and crack, souls soon to follow. For some of us, it’s the endless sales and deals of a crazy consumerist …

  • paper-chains

    Chain Reaction

    12.16.2014 / FAMILY

    There are days where parenting-  as a verb, as we’ve been told – seems insurmountable. Thick days, stuck days. Where we tip the maple syrup bottle just one more miniscule degree hoping for something – anything – to seep out. And we find that, no, we didn’t keep any morsels in the reserve. We used it yesterday, and the day before, and promised ourselves we’d make a run to the grocery tomorrow. Today, no. But perhaps soon. On these days, …

  • basement-theater-hayneedle--06

    The Ken Den

    12.15.2014 / PLAY

    Remember last year when our basement plans were but a dream? When movie night meant huddling up in bed with the iPad or piled on blankets amidst drywall rubble? No more, friends. No. More. Take a look:

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