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    03.03.2015 / OTHER

    This is the part of my story I didn’t want to write. It’s the part the filmmaker sometimes leaves on the cutting floor, because the character does something to offend, like cracks her gum or runs over a cat with her car, and you think, “Can I finish this movie? Can I get past this and still like her? Can …

  • era-2

    The Era

    02.27.2015 / FAMILY

    I’ve been craving cheese souffles. The last time I ate one, the kind I’m thinking of, my father-in-law was still alive. Ken and I had just moved home from Los Angeles and we were in a state of limbo, sleeping on his childhood sheets and searching for something that could be ours again. On Saturday mornings, Ken’s mother and I would wake early, just after the sun, and hop in her car to visit a bakery chain just a few …

  • bareminerals-erin-loechner-3

    A Simpler Beauty Routine

    02.25.2015 / OTHER

    Note: This is a sponsored post for bareMinerals, a company that believes in potential over perfection, beauty over pretty and pure over parabens. Thanks for reading! As soon as I began purging my wardrobe last year, I started taking steps to reduce the contents of my bathroom cabinet as well. I’ve got a long way to go (I don’t want to talk about the alarming number of lipstick tubes I’ve amassed over the years), but today, I’m happy to report …

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