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09.27.2007 / Miscellaneous

Wow. It’s been a whirlwind few weeks. I’m so grateful to all of you fellow bloggers and members of the design community who have made DFM’s debut an exciting one!

Special thanks to the following DFM fans:

Desire to Inspire
Kim contacted me re: my bedroom post and was gracious enough to feature my work among the bold and beautiful posts that exist over at Desire to Inspire. I’m astounded and STILL blushing to be featured next to Derek Swalwell and Pia Bijkerk.
[Thanks, Kim and Jo!]

Life In A Venti Cup
I love this gal. And I love her eye for design. And I love that she’s one of the warmest bloggers out there. Franki gave DFM the sweetest shout out ever. I was so honored I almost peed my pants.
[Thanks, Franki!]

Orange Beautiful: The Scoop
Again, a pants-peer. [As in ‘the cause of pee’, not someone in your age group]. Holy crap, this was just the sweetest feature I’ve ever received. I feel like Emily [and Laura] have just swept me under their wing of fabulousness. And I’m so excited, I don’t even care that ‘fabulousness’ isn’t a word.
[Thanks, Emily and Laura!]

Reuben Miller
Aww, my first fan. At least, I like to pretend that. Reuben posted a link from a site that I write for [Curbly, check it out] and it was love at first read. Reuben has a FANTASTIC love for design that just drips with inspiration and I loooove seeing just what he’s up to next!
[Thanks, Reuben!]

Black White Bliss
Gracious… I am so so honored to be an official member of the Black and White Pro club, straight from the Prez herself! Many thanks to a gal with such great taste.
[Thanks, JHayne!]

Overall, thank you to all of those who have made me feel warm, welcome, and fuzzy inside. From the bottom of ole DFM’s heart!

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations! What an AWESOME beginning… Continue to be true to EEBL and your passion for fashion. We are so PROUD of you.

    Bernie, George, and G-pa P.I.

  • franki durbin

    LOL! Oh you’re so sweet. And I’m glad you didn’t actually pee your pants! ;) You are too fabulous NOT to receive the attention, so thanks to you for just being you!

    Catch you after the weekend!


  • emily

    don’t have such a sweet bedroom and then I won’t have to say all those nice things about you ;)

    love the room, love the blog… and L and I are happy to have you linked on the SCOOP!

  • Kelly

    congratulations on a fabulous start with DFM! i’m loving everything so far, so please, please, please keep up the great work.

  • Brilliant Asylum

    Well done! I am enjoying your blog so much.

  • design for mankind.

    Thank you everyone for your SO SO sweet comments.

    [special thanks to my ‘anonymous pa].

  • Kelly

    i would be honored. :) and i will definitely reciprocate!


    haha, “pants-peer”!

    thanks for the mention and yes, i’ll get around to adding dfm to the ol’ blogroll. -“prez” jhayne ;)

  • design for mankind.

    JHayne: You make a fabulous Prez!

  • LauraB

    I’m not sure how I didn’t run into you earlier with all of these “credits” you have haha. Your bedroom is beautiful!! Did you ever post pics of the rest of your house?

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