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    09.27.2007 / Miscellaneous

    I can’t thank everyone enough for your kind words and gracious comments this week. It’s been a long haul getting this blog off the ground, and I’m so happy to share it with such a welcoming design community!

    DFM has had a ton of new readers this week, and I’d like to share a few thoughts with those who are visiting DFM for the first few times.

    1. I want this site to represent a variety of different designs and vignettes for those with ridiculously eccentric taste [read: me]. If you see something you love, chances are I’ll love it, too. Send it on over to designformankind@gmail.com. I’d love your collaboration.

    2. You’ll run into some key terminology I use to categorize my thoughts. Here are a few you can expect:

    WHO’S WHO: These are my fave designers, photograpers, etc who don’t normally get a lot of credit. I like to add them to my hypothetical list of “Who’s Who in Erin’s Love List.”

    OUT OF THE BOX: Gosh, I hate this word. It’s so… corporate. But I use it, b/c I’m an ex-corporate and it makes me feel complete. Anyway, OUT OF THE BOX posts are dedicated to individuals or companies that are breaking out of the ordinary. Limits that are being pressed, boundaries that are being broken. I think this is the key to design, and I LOVE to recognize those who are willing to be extraordinary.

    HAT TIP: I give ‘hat tips’ to those I love, for a variety of reasons. I love to see others follow their dreams and work to accomplish their goals, and if I see that happen, you can bet there will be a ‘hat tip’ waiting at the end of the day.

    FLICKR FRIDAY: Self explanatory, yes, but Flickr is a gem that I cannot help but to unturn. Every Friday, look for my fave photographs. Feel free to send yours to be added to the list!

    HAPPY HOUR: When the clock hits 5pm, I hit the door. No weekend blogging for this gal, but I HATE to leave you hanging. That’s why I’ll post a weekend guide every Fri. night that will keep you busy through the weekend, until you can get your fix again on Monday AM. Look for tips, tools and resources on anything I find design-worthy. And again, if there’s something specific you’d like to learn about for ‘Happy Hour’, send it on over! I’d be glad to research your questions and provide a complete guide to making your lives easier.

    3. I love you all for reading this. Especially the ones that actually made it through my ridiculously-anal descriptions.

    Boy, are you in for a ride.

    • Barb McMahon

      Love this site!

      And I’ve added your link to my list!

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