• flickr friday: doors.

    10.05.2007 / Miscellaneous

    Yay! I LOOOOVE Flickr Friday! Lately, I’ve been obsessed with doors, for whatever reason. Weird doors, pretty doors, tacky doors. I love to look at them and wonder what the space inside looks like… b/c I’m weird.

    Anyway, here are some awesome doors from one of my fave Flickr sets by Atelier Tee.


    • Richie Designs

      Hi Design glad to see you over at Richie Design! Love to see another LA’er in the mix!

    • Alexandra

      Great post! I’m also obsessed, doors can be so beautiful!

    • Whatever Dee-Dee wants

      Great doors! I have pictures of red doors hanging in my house, I just love finding new ones, thanks!

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