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    10.12.2007 / Miscellaneous

    It’s been a LONG LONG LOOOOOONG week here at DFM, so you can bet my weekend will consist of three things, and three things only: movies, food, and more movies.

    I’ve been thinking of my favorite all-time movies recently, and the thing is? I just love the ones with visual inspiration. You know, the movies that not only carry a great story, but inspire you to make something beautiful out of life. Whether your median is fashion, art or design, these top ten [ok TWELVE, b/c seriously, you can’t limit this kind of thing!] are sure to give you loads of inspiration for a windy October weekend.


    [click to enlarge]

    Featured ‘fashionable’ movies: The Thomas Crown Affair, Bringing Up Baby, Pretty Woman, Rear Window, Vertigo, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Annie Hall, Pulp Fiction, Roman Holiday, And God Created Woman, To Catch a Thief, Bonnie & Clyde.

    • Peggy

      I am in love with Amelie. I can watch it over and over.

    • design for mankind.

      Thanks ladies, and Sally J: welcome! Your recent fave movies are SUPER fashionable as well; good picks!

    • studio wellspring

      swoon-swoon-swoon! thanks for this. so many of my faves there! i’d have to add casablanca to the list too ~ lots of great design visuals & lovely sentiments both.

    • design for mankind.

      Studio Wellspring— you’re SO right. Casablanca totally belongs at the top of the list!!!

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