• happy hour: weekend to-do!

    10.26.2007 / Miscellaneous

    Awww, Halloween weekend. The perfect weekend to finish up crafting your costume, and of course, when frustrated, start something new!

    From ReadyMade magazine:
    How to Make a Modernist Bowl from Construction Site Refuse:

    GET IT:
    Orange Construction Netting ($10)
    If you can’t find any to salvage, purchase a roll here.

    NEED IT:
    Wok Lid
    Aluminum Foil
    3 Small Flower Pots
    Oven Mitts

    DO IT:
    1. Cut two circles, 19″ in diameter, out of contruction netting.
    2. Remove the wooden knob of a wok lid and cover the outside with aluminum foil.
    3. With the rack in the lowest position, set three small flowerpots in the center of your oven and place the lid on top.
    4. Turn on the oven. When it hits 400 degrees, carefully center the two pieces of netting on top of the wok, overlapping each other.
    5. With the over door closed and the light on, watch and wait! In a few minutes, the netting will begin to melt.
    6. When the pieces drape completely over the wok lid, turn off the overn and remove the entire thing (flowerpots and all), and set it on a piece of newspaper.
    7. Once cooled, pull the netting off the lid and SHAZAM… your basket.

    • design for mankind.

      Ha, DNA: I haven’t yet, but I plan to!

      And Maryam: I wonder if a simple oven-safe bowl would do? Nooo idea, but yeah, I’m with you on this!!!

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