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    02.26.2008 / Miscellaneous

    WOO HOO; it’s daily time! If you’re new to the site (first, hello, and second…), The Dailies is one of Design for Mankind’s signature features, and it’s just as it sounds. The Dailies is a glance into the life of everyone’s favorite artists/designers/bloggers— from dawn until dusk! All the details, all the goods.

    And today? Today is a HUGE treat, because the lovely Anh Minh from Apartment Therapy, SF Chronicle and AnhMinh.com (NOT to mention her many crafting talents!!!) is walking us through a day in her [FABULOUS!] life. I’ll let her do the talking (or, writing, in this case), but I just wanted to thank her OH so much. Anh Minh was my first blog crush, and she was one of the key bloggers that inspired me to enter this crazy online community known as the Blogosphere. Thank you SO much, Anh Minh— I owe you big. ;)

    Alright… let’s play!

    This is a bit of an early wake-up for a weekend morning, but my husband, Jon, has to go into the office today. So I get up, too, and make the bed while he’s in the shower. Then I head out to the kitchen and read “Page Six” – a guilty pleasure/daily read for me.

    Jon makes lattes while I’m in the shower.

    Since Jon is now leaving for work, I’m left with my latte – and last Sunday’s “Style” section of the NY Times. I admit: I like reading the wedding announcements.

    I’m in the car, on my way to Target. I’ve got a mirror to return and I also want to see if the new (non-nursery) DwellStudio collection has arrived at my local store. Success! I walk out with a new tablecloth and placemats, as well as the latest issues of Decorating and Domino.

    The weather forecast calls for rain today, which means I won’t be painting the nightstands in the guest bedroom. Instead, I’m planning to work on some sewing projects. I pop over to the fabric store to pick up some white cotton for a living room curtain makeover.

    I’m home again and ready to write! Yesterday, I interviewed Margaret Russell, the editor-in-chief of Elle Décor. I try to type up my interview notes right after an interview, while the conversation is still fresh in my mind. So today, I’m working on the first draft of my SF Chronicle article about Margaret and her new book. (I’m a regular contributor to the paper’s Home & Garden section, as well as to Apartment Therapy.)

    Time for a tea break. I opt for a little pot of genmai green tea and some Trader Joe’s rice crackers.

    Back to work.

    The first draft is finished! I always read my drafts out loud – that’s how I figure out which sentences are working and which are not. I make edits as I read it, and then put the story aside. I need some distance between drafts.

    I’ve got my fabrics, sewing pattern and scissors out. I’m making some (long overdue) new coin purses for blissen.

    Perfect timing: I’m just cutting out my last pieces of fabric when my sister calls. So I throw on a raincoat and head out the door to meet up with her for lunch. Mmmm … hot dogs.

    I’m back from lunch, with just a bit of time to spare. Jon should be home soon and then we’re heading out together – he needs a haircut and I’ve got some errands to run. I flip through Decorating while I wait.

    And we’re out.

    I’m at the bead store, looking for gems for my next batch of jewelry for Adorna Bella.

    American Apparel lures me in. I end up with a new black turtleneck.

    I spot a dress in a store window that might be perfect for an upcoming auction/dinner at my nephew’s school. After trying it on, I’m undecided about it. Which means I shouldn’t get it [Editor’s note: DISAGREE— doesn’t she look FABULOUS?!].

    I’m late meeting Jon. He’s standing outside the café where we agreed to rendezvous. He’s already got my spicy hot cocoa in his hand. (Did I mention that he’s the best?)

    I’m back at the sewing machine, assembling the coin purses.

    Time to get ready for dinner. My family is getting together tonight to celebrate my brother’s birthday.

    Jon and I are back on the road, on our way to the restaurant. It is really wet out, and we notice a number of accidents on the other side of the freeway. Yikes.

    We’re late! Or at least we think we are. But just as we’re parking the car, we see the rest of my family walking towards the elevator. Phew.

    Everyone’s seated – adults with champagne in hand, children with apple ciders in their flutes.

    By now, a song was sung, candles were blown out, and several courses consumed.

    We’re in for the night. We settle into our usual seats in the living room to watch some TV, including a recording of that day’s Tour of California stage. “Saturday Night Live” is finally back on, so we gotta stay up for that!

    Since I’ve got a few jewelry ideas floating around in my head, I bead and wire together a pair of earrings. I store my finished designs on a little Manzanita branch and am always a little sad when I have to strip it of its shiny baubles to send them off to the store.

    Thank goodness we recorded “SNL” … Because sometime around the first commercial break, we both fell asleep …

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