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    02.28.2008 / Miscellaneous

    It’s daily time! Erinn Wenrich from Happy Living Design is joining us today and I am SO excited to share with you this gal’s schedule! A super talented architect, Erinn walks us through her glamorous day job— from dawn until dusk!

    Thanks Erinn— you are simply FABULOUS!

    6:30am: I am still half asleep in bed, kiss Carl (the boy) before he leaves for work.
    6:45am: Alarm goes off, reach for blackberry to check weather. Since I have gotten it, I enjoy not having to listen to the morning news shows just to hear the local weather.
    6:47am: I hop out of bed (ok, drag myself out) and pull shades up to let the sun in. I do my beauty routine: shower, shampoo, exfoliate, tone, moisturize, blow-dry, conceal. I find it gets longer as I get older. Pick out the day’s outfit, spend twice as much time picking out the day’s shoes since I walk to work now.

    7:23am: Pack bag with essentials for the work day: blackberry, canon elph (that I carry everywhere), hable construction calendar (my most prized possession), Burt’s Bees lip balm, Moleskine pocket journal, Kingston flash drive, sunglasses, pens and last but not least my wallet. Enjoy view of backyard still covered in snow from my home office window. Annoyed by view of curtains still to be hemmed and hung.

    7:30am: finally make it downstairs and on the way to the kitchen stop in the TV room to pick up the drinking glasses left overnight. Make soy protein shake for breakfast. Fetch paper while drinking breakfast. Take vitamins and check calendar for major daily or weekly events. Dress for chilly but sunny walk to work.
    7:45am: Leave house and walk to work.

    8:00am: Arrive at work, I am the first one, disarm alarm. 8:01 I have a quiet 30 mintues for most everyone else arrives. Check email and google reader for my daily blog fix before I am on the clock.
    8:30am: Coffee is finally made in the kitchen so I go fetch it and my day officially starts at my day job as an architect. Check work email and open AutoCAD (computer design/drafting program). Answer emails that I can right away. Work on my main project, a new house for a family of five.

    9:07am: Gather drawings and graph paper and leave for a progress meeting on site for another project. Luckily Carl drove to work (his office is around the corner from my office) since he had a client meeting so we could share a car today.
    9:30am: Arrive at site. Thankful that I remember to wear my rain boots since the job site is a mud pit. Meet contractor inside house (it is being gut renovated) and go over his questions about where to run new plumbing and HVAC ductwork in a 200 year old house. Visually inspect partially demolished crawl space with asbestos to be removed. Blek. Wrap up meeting and head back to office.
    10:35am: Settle back into chair for more computer work.

    12:00pm: Like clockwork the boys in the office are ready to eat. Usually I also have a protein shake for lunch but today I join them at Salad Stop.
    1:00pm: Stop at florist around the corner from work and pick up a bunch of tulips for my desk.
    1:10pm: The afternoon is a blur. Luckily I get the rest of the day in the office without a bunch of interruptions, except to field a call from the contractor on yet another job (renovation of an 1840’s building in town for a bank client) because the lighting supplier sent us the wrong light fixture. Most of the afternoon is spent drawing on the computer and doing site plan sketches. My day job has it ups and downs like any, but I feel pretty lucky to be working in my field of study and really enjoy what I do. I still plan on going out on my own at some point sooner or later, but for right now having someone else worry about vacation time, health insurance and morning coffee is nice.
    5:32pm: Jump up from desk (literally), shut down the computer, grab my stuff and go. I walk through the park on my way home so I can take a small detour to the Walgreens around the corner from our house. I need to get a get-well card for a family friend and see if they have the latest issue of Sunset featuring Victoria. They don’t, so I just leave with the card. Stop to chat with neighbor and her two little girls that are on their way back from daycare.

    5:55pm: Arrive home, get mail, discover box on back stoop. I ordered an Orla Kiely bag at a great price from Revolve Clothing to encourage spring to get here faster. This is a special treat and not a routine thing.
    6:02pm: Make another protein shake for dinner since I had lunch out today.
    6:15pm: Go through local newspaper quickly (Instead of the Daily Local News, we call it the Daily Lack of News). I am on our town’s historic architecture review board (the HARB reviews all work done within West Chester’s historic district to make sure we maintain the historic character) so I need to keep up with local happenings. The Borough sent the latest HARB applications so I go through those quickly and set them aside to review again closer to the meeting. I take leftovers out of the fridge so they are ready for when Carl gets home.
    6:25pm: Head upstairs to change into comfy clothes and do 30 minutes of yoga. It helps me refocus myself and leave work behind and also helps with my lower back pain. I try to do it a few times a week.

    7:00pm: Park myself in my home office. I do sketches for a new blog banner for spring (yes, I am tired of the Mid-Atlantic winter). I catch up on some personal and blog-related email, finally finish up the first post for my new series that I have been drafting for over a week and go through my google reader blogs again. I have one side job currently, a small one, and I follow up with my clients via email about how their review of my sketches is going and if they have any questions.
    8:00pm: Carl arrives home, finally. He’s a CPA so he works 12-hour-minimum days during tax season which I don’t really like, but I take advantage of the extra time at home by myself in the evenings.
    8:10pm: Sit with Carl in the living room while he eats dinner, talk about all the exciting things that happened to us that day and decide what is on the agenda for the rest of the evening. Lately we have been watching The War, a series that PBS did all about WWII. Otherwise we would watch all or part of a movie that we currently have from Netflix (I love them). But no matter what we do, I am always doing something else at the same time, either going through my current stash of magazines and catalogs, tearing pages out as I go along, opening and sorting our mail, reading a book or doing some sewing or crafting. Tonight I do the magazines and sew a button back onto one of our pillows. Somewhere in there I talk to my mom and my friend on the phone.
    10:00pm: Clean up the kitchen. I hate coming downstairs in the morning to a messy kitchen. Tidy up. Sync my crackberry, err I mean blackberry.
    10:30pm: Try to start getting ready to go to bed. It’s usually 11:00pm before I actually get in bed most nights by the time I do my nighttime beauty routine (cleanse, tone, protect, brush) and get ready for the next day. And I am usually asleep within two minutes of hitting the pillow. Then it starts all over.

    • erinn

      To: Anonymous
      I had a sausage, pepper and cheese stromboli for dinner last night.

    • cindy k

      yeah erin, i was just wondering about how you spend your day. do tell us ;)!

    • design for mankind.

      All in good time, my dear Cindy! :)

    • LOVED erinn’s day. LOVE the dailies!!!!
      addicted to reading them.

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