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    02.22.2008 / Miscellaneous

    Woo hoo! Daily time! Sofia Barao, a FABULOUS French artist, was kind enough to walk me through her chic European life— hour by hour! Enjoy!

    8 AM: Time to get up and bring my laptop back to bed. I like to check my emails, Etsy orders and favourite blogs under the sheets. J

    9 AM: I do my 15 minutes workout (yes I hate to exercise) and take a shower.

    9:30 AM: Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day; I’m always hungry in the morning. Today it was: kiwi, 2 slices of dark bread with lavender honey, hot organic cereal coffee and some nuts.

    10 AM: I take a look at some of the articles that I’ve been writing (I was asked to write for the fashion and decoration columns of a new feminine French website that will be online by the end of March) . After that I try to work on an html page for my website that I’ve been trying to do (I’m no good on html code).

    I drink a cup of tea (cinnamon) while packing some Etsy orders. I also work on my almost finished canvas and I play with paper cuts for my next project.

    11:30 AM: Put on a cute dress with my favourite boots; it’s grey and rainy today.

    11:47 AM: Post office closes at 12AM and I’m always late; this time it’s ok, I managed to get there in time.

    12:07 AM: Had to go to the supermarket to buy some groceries. Today I’ll be doing a quinoa and cheese hamburger. It will be healthy and fast to do.

    12:40 AM: Started doing lunch– in 5 minutes it’s done, I’m already hungry!

    12:55 AM: One thing I love to do while eating lunch is to watch the news on TV; I just have to.

    1:35 PM: Time to go to work. I work part time at a museum; it’s really not far from home. Just a 7 minute walk and I’m there.

    2 PM: The museum is now open to visitors. My wonderful colleague and I put some water to boil for our 6 cups of tea that we are going to drink for the next 4 and a half hours. I love this work. I get to meet a lot of people and great artists, but sometimes we don’t have many visitors and time can be long, so we always have tea, cakes and good books to read.

    6:15 PM: The museum is now closed and I’m on my way home. I always stop by the book shop to see new books and buy some pens.

    6:45 PM: I arrive home and go check my emails before I do some laundry and clean the house a bit before starting to do dinner. Of course, I drink another cup of tea (yes, I’m addicted to tea) and grab a very red apple.

    7:30 PM: Tonight it’s soup– some good pumpkin and leek soup!

    8:30 PM: My husband arrives from work and we have dinner. I grab some almonds and nuts and because I also work at the museum on weekend afternoons, I try to spend all evenings with my husband watching TV or DVD’s or just going to the cinema or to a restaurant. Tonight we watched some House episodes.

    11:30 PM: Time to go to bed, but sometimes I can’t close my eyes after 1 hour in bed struggling to sleep. When this happens (very often) I just go back to the living room, go make myself a tea and watch late night TV shows or I take the laptop with me to the couch and just let myself wander through internet until I almost get to sleep.


    • Vanda

      I can’t see the photos either :(

      I love Sofia, orgulho nacional! ;)

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