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    02.13.2008 / Miscellaneous

    Little Paper Planes is basically my go-to shop for any gift-giving that I need to partake in. And let me tell you, it NEVER disappoints.

    So I often wonder just how Kelly Lynn Jones does it. An artist herself, how does she find the time to compile all of that Awesomeness into One Shoppe? And moreover, how does she fit her OWN artwork into the grand scheme of things?

    I thought you’d never ask… ;)

    8:15AM: Woke up.
    Laid in bed for about 10 minutes with my boyfriend, Matt Rubin, and watched Ace of Cakes.

    Then made some coffee and ate flaxseed waffles with peanut butter and bananas on them.
    Answered emails and did some Little Paper Planes work.

    11am: Visited with artist Sarah Awad at her Silver Lake studio.
    Sarah showed me her prints and book she has made which I will be selling on Little Paper Planes soon.
    Left her studio and dropped off a pair of jeans at the alteration place (wanted to make them a skinny jean vs. the straight-leg that they are).
    Lunch time, ate apples and cheese while sitting on my mini porch to feel the sun on my face.

    After lunch I primed a 3 x 4ft wood panel to get it ready for me to paint on.
    As it dried, I ate more food, veggie spaghetti and meatballs.
    Went back into my studio and started working on a bunch of small drawings (studies for larger paintings).

    7:30: Picked up my friend Jen (www.darkyetsunny.com) and her, Matt and I drove to Culver City to eat at Tender Greens. I had a Cobb salad and then a lemon cupcake, YUM!
    Watched Project Runway.
    Took a shower.

    Kitty cuddle time with my Jane and Justin.

    LOVE IT! Thanks, Kelly!!! :)

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