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    03.10.2008 / Miscellaneous

    Ok so I’m so excited yet AGAIN. One of my very favorite artists, Ashley G, was kind enough to give us a little tour of her life for this week’s dailies. I know you’ve heard of her; she’s the fabulous artist behind the bearded men which earned so many props this past year.

    I know— PERFECTION, right? Turns out her REAL life is pretty much just as awesome… thanks, my dear Ashley!!!

    To Be Scanned

    Typically we treat either Wednesday or Thursday as a “weekend” day. I find one of the great benefits of being self employed is that you don’t have to save all your errands until Saturday or Sunday when every place is SUPER crowded. So today being the cough weekend and all for me, I slept in until around 10 a.m.

    10:00–11:30 Answered e-mail, wrote down print orders, gave Drew some illustrations to scan, some other misc. work and bookkeeping stuff. Okay, so maybe it’s not a “real weekend”.

    Morning E Mail

    11:30–12:00 Showered, got dressed, called my VERY pregnant friend to wish her a happy birthday. Check which plants need watering (only the cat-bitten bamboo).


    12:00 Out the door.

    Out The Door

    12:00–12:25 Post office and bank. I normally ship on Tuesdays and Fridays, but I had a special request to overnight prints in time for a gift. The bank is right next to the P.O., and for some reason I DREAD going to the bank, but I had some checks that needed depositing, and I wanted to get some cash for when we go out of town next week.

    Post Office

    12:25–1:15 Had a nice little breakfast, lunch, coffee break rolled into one at our favorite coffee shop. I have been doing my best to not eat the delicious ginormous bagels, but once or twice a month they just call “Aashhhlleeey”.

    Coffee Place

    1:15 “Fuel” a.k.a. soy mocha and good music to get us through some errands.

    Iced Mocha
    Car Music

    1:15–2:30 Pick up printing supplies. On the way back we pass a Goodwill where I just wanted to pop in. Lots of silliness. Sometimes they have really good furniture and dresses at this one, but not so much today. There were some fun things and I walked away with these mid-century candlesticks. $4 for the pair, and that’s actually pretty pricey for that Goodwill.

    Goodwill Umbrella
    Goodwill Candlesticks

    2:30–2:50 Run into Office Depot. We need some office stuff. Apparently I broke the stapler. :(

    Office Depot

    2:50–3:40 Grocery. We needed fruit, veggies, fake meat, and coffee. Also picked up cheapy toothbrushes for our trip.


    3:40–4:30 Caught up on my e-mail from when I was gone. We were offered a freelance job I’m very excited about. (!)

    4:30–4:40 My sinuses were really bothering me, so I used my neti pot. It does the trick a lot of the time but today I still needed ibuprofen.

    4:45–5:00 Fought a rotten little cat over the other half of my bagel. She’s so cute I can’t help but give in.

    5:00–5:30 Return phone calls. Call my mom and talk to my best friend (we made coffee plans for tomorrow a.m.) and try to reach one of my sisters.

    5:30–6:10 I don’t want to save everything until the last minute, and our cat is staying with friends while we’re out of town, so I bathed her, changed her cat litter, and even cleaned the scooper. Isadora (the cat) wasn’t too happy, but I was. Only one teeny tiny cat scratch that is an A+ in my book.

    Wet Isadora
    Cat Scratch Fever

    6:10–6:30 Finally sat down and tried coaxing Isadora onto my lap to dry her off a bit more and flipped through some channels but settled on nothing and gave up.

    6:30–7:00 Lay in bed and read. Is it weird that I prefer reading in bed even when I’m not going to sleep? I think I just prefer lounging, and our couch isn’t the best for lounging IMO.

    7:00–8:01 Worked out (I shoot for the mornings but I usually end up working out in the p.m.), showered and got out just in time for LOST. Okay, I was about 30 seconds late.

    Working Out

    8:01–9:00 Watched LOST and frankly was less than impressed. Drew did make a delicious pot of hazelnut coffee. We munched on baby carrots and grapes with a few chocolate chips and unsalted sunflower seeds. An odd, but satisfying, combination. Grapes are soooo good right now.


    9:00–9:30 Begin organizing for shipping tomorrow. Writing down the prints that need to go out, etc. And of course, have another cup of coffee whilst doing it. Just overheard Drew saying to no one in particular, “This stapler is pretty incredible.”

    9:42 I can confirm the stapler is pretty incredible. It’s a Paper Pro.

    9:42–10:00 I have moved from e-mail to Etsy conversations. I am a little behind in answering some and really wanted to get caught up.

    10:00 Changing out of my pajamas and heading out the door to meet up with our friends James, Diana, and Jared for a drink.

    10:01–1:44 The bar is literally up the street. Lots of lively discussion about inappropriate (fun) things and a bit of Jameson and french fries with vinegar.


    1:45 Home, answering e-mail one last time, brush my teeth and call it a night.

    Isadora At Bedtime

    2:15 Asleep!

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