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    03.12.2008 / Miscellaneous

    OMG I’m so so excited for this Daily. Ok let’s be honest— I’m excited for EVERY Daily, but this one? This one is a KICKER. Jessica from The Shiny Squirrel (yeah, I know— THAT Shiny Squirrel!) is joining us to walk Design for Mankind through her painfully fabulous life… I won’t keep you from her day ANY LONGER— HERE GOES! :)

    7:30ish – It was daylight savings and I was restless in bed.

    9:00 – Went to Oslo coffee shop on Roebling and North 4th for a small skim latte and a blackberry plum bran muffin (my favorite variety).

    I am a reading junkie including novels and magazines. I usually bring a stack on the weekends to leaf through and tear out the pages that have great items or places I want to visit. I have an inspiration binder that everything gets filed in.

    12:00 – Met my mom (who lives in New Jersey) for burgers and dessert in the West Village. We talked Shiny Squirrel (she runs the warehouse) and wandered around. We visited the Greenwich Letterpress, which has an amazing card collection, and tidbits that are great for gifts.

    Burgers weren’t so good and the Mudpies I had at Mama’s Mudpies was very chocolatey. The French press coffee was delicious; I love coffee especially strong espresso.

    3:30 pm – Went to the gym, ran 6.5 miles then came home to change and go out. It was a warm day and I wanted to get some ink at Mikey’s Hook Up on North 6th st. I love wandering around my neighborhood on the weekend, (Williamsburg, Brooklyn).

    I went to the traditional places I like to go like Sprout Home, Flukes, and along Bedford Ave. The AG Gallery on North 3rd had the most amazing Wall Calendar on sale for 50 % off! I was very excited because I had been eying it for some time. I also was lucky to speak to Mara from the Gallery portion about involving Shiny Squirrel in the shop. It is a big goal of mine to give the site a more physical presence in the neighborhood.

    5:30 pm – Made dinner at my apartment; whole wheat toast, light cream cheese, lox with olives… some broccoli from Trader Joe’s. Finished with a Skinny Cow Fudge popsicle and strawberries.

    7:00 pm – I sat down to work on the site, answer e-mails and watch by Fellini. He is one of my favorite directors and I am a bit of a movie fanatic. I watch at least 4 a week…

    10:00 pm – Getting ready for bed, reading Women by Charles Bukowski.

    • Kelly C.

      totally wonderful. i really want that mudpie. right. now!

    • Joanna Goddard

      fun day! how funny, i went to greenwich village letterpress during my daily….small world:) and 6.5 miles? i’m so impressed.

    • cindy k

      that was fun. we go to williamsburg a lot lately and didn’t know about some of the places she mentions … yay!

    • design for mankind.

      HA, seriously, Jo— that is a TON of mileage! :)

    • lillie

      what a lovely day! i would love to see what your inspiration binder file looks like. i am always so interested to see how people keep track of all their inspirations (:

    • stacy

      I love the dailies. Every day is something new and different.

    • ms. spinach

      so cute!

    • amber

      loved this daily, I like the images of the neighborhood, make sme feel like I’m there.

    • I checked the Oslo coffee shop link, and it’s funny to see that they have almost the same logo as Oslo airport Gardermoen, as seen here http://www.osl.no/. I bet it’s not a coincidence ;-)

    • GORDON


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