• the dailies: karen from happy cavalier.

    03.19.2008 / Miscellaneous

    Another daily today! Karen from Happy Cavalier is joining us with her daily duties— watch out; she’s a busy, busy gal! Thanks, dear Karen! :)

    5:30 – alarm goes off….jake and maddy take this as “finally someone is awake!” and hop up onto the bed. maddy immediately forces her way under the covers and jake slips in quietly next to tim

    5:45 – i finally decide to get up….my hair is looking extra fabulous this morning due to the fact that I woke up extremely hot and sweaty…tim calls it “the sleep hots”…it doesn’t matter how cool we keep our room, i wake up hot…i hop in the shower and get the morning routine started….shower, blow dry, and find something to wear…now its time to feed the pups
    6:30 – breakfast and lunch are packed and its time to head into work…
    6:50 – arrive at work…there’s only a handful of people here, so it’s nice and quiet. I eat my breakfast (cereal and Luna bar), plug in and check my email. One of my coworkers brings his black lab in a couple days a week so when she sees me she runs over for a rub down…
    7:10- read over the post i had scheduled for this morning…i usually try to have topics/artists/etc. lined up for the week, but lately i haven’t been very good at keeping up on that! Afterwards, I check out a few of my favorite sites…it’s nice being on west coast time as some of my favorite bloggers have already been up for hours and have posted!

    8:00- My coworkers on the main project I’m working on are finally all here so we chat about trends, ideas, and this weeks schedule.

    9:00- Monday morning meeting and wall walk….everyone gathers in the library and shares things that happened over the weekend, or anything on their mind…we then head back over to the project wall and go over the schedule or happenings on everyone’s projects.

    10:05- work on sketches for one of my projects

    12:12- finally it’s lunch time…lasagna : )

    3:30 – head home and the sun came out! what a nice surprise!

    3:50 – get home, let the pups out, grab a snack, and grab the paint from the garage so i can get to work on painting door frames and windowsills white! (the people who lived here before us loved the country look so all the doors, windowsills, closet doors, kitchen cabinets are a lovely old woodgrain)

    5:53 – tim gets home, we make dinner together (teriyaki chicken!) , then i do the dishes while tim puts the trash out…

    7:07 – sit down and work on a blanket for a friend who’s having a baby…
    10:13 – hit the sheets and fall asleep!
    • Marilyn

      What adorable doggies!

      When I read that you get to work at 6:50 am my jaw dropped but then you leave at 3:30 so that must be nice. :)

    • design for mankind.

      Ha, very true, Marilyn! :)

    • cindy k

      her pups are so cute and such a nice way to start the day.

    • Krissy

      That blanket will sure be cute!

    • Joanna Goddard

      what a sweet day! i love happy cavalier. she sounds fun to hang out with. (ps. sleep hots–LOL)

    • design for mankind.

      I know, right? Cutest family ever! :)

    • karen c

      aw thanks…

    • Samantha

      what a lovely day!! So nice to see it. Wish I lived in Cali.

    • Man I’m a dork. i got excited about the Boeing building that must be enroute to work. what a great day :D

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