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    03.03.2008 / Miscellaneous

    Ok guys– it’s DAILY TIME again! You won’t BELIEVE who’s joining us, really. I’ll give you three hints:
    1. Her name begins with a Lisa and ends with an ‘-olomon.’
    2. She’s probably the greatest artist in the whole wide world.
    3. I love her.

    Give up? Ok, good, b/c it’s LISA SOLOMON. Yes, that’s right. Lisa Solomon is joining DFM for the day, and gracious, is it a busy one! THANK YOU, SWEET LISA for bringing us along ALL day long! You’re a doll!

    So… I don’t have a pic of my daily planner, but I do really really love it – so I want to give a shout out to Start Here
    for making a functional useful and lovely planner…. I also feel like my day example should have a disclaimer. My schedule changes every 10 weeks because of where I teach. So a day in my life is really not ever the same. This is both amazing and wonderful and frustrating and tiring…. But on this particular day here’s what I did [and thanks for asking erin – it’s kind of fun to really think about how you spend your ENTIRE day]

    [editor’s note: her frenchie in the top right pic is named tonka— adorable, yes?]

    6:30-7:30 :: woke up, got out of bed, dragged a comb across my head. I’m not a morning person, so 6:30am kills me. My dog too. Doesn’t he look like he’s saying oh mom – really? We have to get up?
    Events :: woke up. Groaned. Bathroom routine. Very tired. Make coffee. Push the dogs outside and feed them. Wash the dishes. Check email. Print stuff out – fax stuff where it needs to go. Pack up my bag and get ready to head to work. Check on the traffic to make sure we’ll make it on time…

    :: the light through my window [my grandma made that amazing piece of embroidery] :: bye house….

    7:30-8:30 :: on the road again
    My friend aida picks me up in her truck. Because it’s a 2 seater we get to fly through the carpool lane. Yay. We gossip and giggle the whole way. It’s way more fun to go to work with a friend.
    The light is really beautiful.
    Events :: get to school. Check email again. Eat my blueberry yogurt. Make sure the still life is set up for class.

    9:00-12:00 :: waxing poetic on painting
    This is when I teach painting 1.
    Words I said in class :: just paint :: move the paint around :: don’t forget the background. You better get something down now :: your painting will have history – in the layers of paint :: what kind of texture do you want to create :: here are some tips on blending ::
    Music we listened to :: cat power, cibo matto, a mix that we gave out at my wedding

    One angle of the dramatic still life I set up [mwwwaahaa ha ha ha]

    12:15-30 :: artworld bound
    Aida and I decide that we should eat lunch and go see a couple of shows of friends work downtown.

    12:32-12:58 :: eat.
    I have an eggplant salad with feta at an old favorite haunt Baladie [when I worked downtown I ate here way too much]. Aida has a wrap.

    1:05 :: run into an old friend on the street. Random but nice.

    1:10-2:30 :: see. Art. Work.

    First stop – seth koen’s show at gregory lind gallery.
    Seth was a year ahead of me in grad school. And he crochets [oh yes how I love him]. His show was STUNNING. Just lovely. So light [with moments of weight] and simple. And good. Nough said.

    Second stop – say hello to my old boss Ed at graystone contemporary. He’s moved into a little office space of another gallery. It’s funny how one can simultaneously miss your old life and be glad you aren’t doing what you used to do….

    Next stop – kara maria’s how at catherine clark gallery.
    She is tackling highly political issues with paint [the iraq war and sexualized imagery]. Hard to do indeed. Kara and I sat next to each other at an artist lecture not too long ago and really got along. I have a lot of respect for what she’s doing. I particularly responded to the watercolor pieces. It’s nice to see catherine clark’s new space – I hadn’t been there yet.

    Aida and I then head back to the East Bay

    3:33 :: do my work
    Head to my studio. I have to sweep and clean up [we recently had a new person move into our space so we had to build a wall. This means my space was turned into a disaster zone.] pick up a bag that needs to get shipped for my side biz underdog ink.
    I paint and sweep while simultaneously talking to a client on the phone about a book project I’m working on. Blah blah blah. Paint paint paint.

    4:05 :: I help my studio mate move a huge [5 foot x 3 foot] cube from his workbench to the floor. He’s working on like 10 of these for a job. It’s like his space is a maze [should have taken picture]

    4:27 :: drive to trader joes to get some food for dinner. On the way, call my friend to complain about some bureaucratic stuff happening at the other place I teach. I remember to get toilet paper and coffee, but forget laundry soap. Shame on me for not making a list.

    5:15 :: head home. The light is amazing again. I notice the daffodils have bloomed in my front flower box.

    5:30 :: catch up with my husband
    6:00 :: feed the dogs [they know they eat at 6pm. If you are late they look at you with those pathetic eyes and follow you around until you feed them]. Make my own dinner – cornmeal pizza with a salad of greens, cherries, figs, feta and pomegranate dressing
    6:45 :: check email and troll around the internets. Fill out some forms and stuff for tomorrow.

    7:15- 9:45 :: the wind down
    Events:: take a bath [read 1/2 of the yellow sunwhat we are reading in our book club while in the tub :: laugh at the kitties on the bed :: grade for a little bit :: make sure there’s nothing I need to prep for my next class :: snuggle with the pets for a minute :: check those internets again

    9:45- 10:30 :: one last bit of energy
    Work on a client’s website for a spell. Give up as brain is not working

    [editor’s note: i asked lisa just where she purchased such adorable teal shoes. turns out they’re made by a company called bamboo. she can’t remember where she bought them, but did mention that she has a rule where she can only buy shoes that she doesn’t already have in that color. brilliant!]

    10:30 :: watch the news
    11:00 :: BED

    There you have it. A day in my life…..

    • design for mankind.

      You guys are CRAZY voyeurs!!!

    • Kelly Lynn Jones

      lisa is the bestest!!! xo

    • design for mankind.

      She TOTALLY is!!!

    • julie

      LOVE LISA S!!! I cant believe how much she fits into her day! Lovely peek – thanks you both :)

    • design for mankind.

      I know; I’m totally exhausted reading this!!! :)

      thank you, julie!

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