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    04.16.2008 / Miscellaneous

    Yay! Giveaway time!

    Angie from Poketo [BEST. SHOP. EVER.] was kind enough to send me some goodies this week from the shop, and Holy Gracious— they’re cuties. Because I have this problem where I feel guilty when I have beautiful things, I’m sending them your way!

    So, here’s what I’ve got:
    (1) Digest Your Life Planner, $15 value. [note: this is FABULOUS in person]
    (1) Lisa Congdon Artist Wallet, $20 value. [not yet available online, b/c it’s THAT awesome].

    OK, so here are the details:
    I’ll choose ONE lucky winner to receive these goodies, but only one. To enter, I want to hear your favorite artist of all time for a new project I’m working on. That’s it! Email your artist to designformankind@gmail.com with ‘POKETO’ in the subject line. Winners will be chosen at random, but I do accept bribes in the form of Chuck Norris jokes. [Kidding].

    AND, be sure to thank Angie from Poketo for her generosity! :)

    [edit: GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED. Obviously, you can ALWAYS send me your favorite artist(s), but I may or may not send you a goodie… thanks to all entries!].

    • design for mankind.

      HA— I know; it’s a hard one, right? :)

    • miss milki

      Thats REALLY hard! I’ll have to think about it…even then I’m sure it always changes.

    • knitwhere

      Hey I just started reading your blog – found through Shannon from RiffeRaff. Even though the contest is closed, I wanted to tell you my two favorite artists for your project! One is Jen Bervin and the other is Cy Twombly.

      Good luck on your project!



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