• giveaway WINNER: poketo.

    04.19.2008 / Miscellaneous

    Wowza. I’ve been sifting through your 211 entries and am so inspired by all of your favorite artists. From grandmothers to husbands, Van Gogh to Klimt and EVERYONE in between, I’m just thrilled to read about all of the creativity floating around in the realm of art.

    Thanks to all who entered, and our Poketo giveaway winner, as generated by Random.Org is:


    Cathy, please send me your mailing address and I’ll ship out your goodies ASAP.

    [SPECIAL NOTE: Those of you who sent Chuck Norris in with your entries, you were NOT forgotten. You now hold VERY special places in my heart and I will savor my best Chuck Norris joke for you always.]

    Love to you all, and I only wish I had 211 Poketo goods for each of you!

    • instantan├ęs

      :) !!!! And thanks to you !!

    • Krissy

      Thanks to you AND Angie. What fun!

    • Mary-Laure

      Lucky Cathy…

    • Cheyanne

      This is amazing! Yes please!

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