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    05.28.2008 / Miscellaneous

    Weeee! I’m back in action today with a jam-packed week of Dailies and more! :) Today we’re lucky to be following the super-talented photographer Kara Marks of Artecnica [and a fellow Angelian]! Eek! It’s a goodie… [THANK YOU, KARA!]

    6:50 am – My cell phone alarm plays an especially irritating tune to remind me that while I am not in any way a morning person, morning is here and I must leave the warmth of my down comforter and boyfriend and enter the cold cold world (well, as cold as Los Angeles can be that is). He gets to sleep for another 30 minutes – gah! but I can at least snuggle a tiny bit longer.

    7:20 am – After more resistance I’m up, without the hope of coffee in sight to help me get started since caffeine is an enemy. If you’re one of the lucky that can drink the stuff occasionally without feeling the pits of a crash congrats! I, sadly, am a mess as a part time drinker so I must pass.

    7:30 am – Just before scooting out the door, I feed my two bunnies Kasher and Nanna. I adopted them from a shelter about two years ago. Just staring at them makes me a mushy mess of awwws. They can do no wrong, even when they chew through my (and my friends’, whoops!) power cables.

    7:50 am – Wilshire Blvd is a necessary evil. I am usually that person weaving through traffic, running late…but before I get the chance a car pulls into my lane and BAM! – there goes all hopes of making it to work on time. [Accidents are luckily NOT a part of my typical day!] Nevertheless, today the unfortunate effects of LA driving happen and I exchange info and get back on my way…

    8:30 am – I finally make it to work, scuffed car in tote and dig my way through junk email to the good stuff. Along with the electronic good stuff, I heat up some Oatmeal (a daily must for a high cholesterol-prone vegan) and have a fruit roll from Trader Joe’s (so good).

    9:00 am – Begin making calls and sending out letters and packages. I work for Artecnica and we’ve just launched our new collection in Milan around Design Week so things are very busy but very exciting! I’ve already fallen in love with the new collection and want it all for myself which is such a treasure this early in my career.

    7:00 pm – Arrive back to my stomping grounds and test Artecnica / Tord Boontje’s new cookware pieces, Witches’ Kitchen. Sweet potato fries. Sprinkled with sea salt and oregano. Turned out delicious.

    9:00 pm – Head to downtown for the Comme des Garcons Guerilla store event. Parking takes 20 minutes alone but I finally meet up and enter with young designer Jesse Jr.

    Sonia Boyajian has a great display of her jewelry. Snapped a couple shots of colorful favorites.

    10:00 pm – At the event I run into editorially brilliant Diane from Eye Principle who is wearing
    some fantastic colors. After some catching up, we continued to stumble around to the neighboring galleries.

    10:30 pm – Spontaneity makes me super happy, so I’m all smiles when Jesse mentions a rooftop escape in one of the nearby loft buildings he has a code for. The view is simply amazing, breathtaking…sigh, LA.

    • shing

      I love your dailies so, so much! Living in LA has its up and downs and I think this day pretty much covered it.=) Hehe. I still love LA, though.

    • design for mankind.

      HAHAH I do, too, Shing! :)

    • Kirsty

      Oh the rooftop!! I’m also loving Kara’s ironing space.

    • kara

      Thanks for having me!!

    • TokyoBunnie

      i wanna play with those adorable bunnies!

    • Julia

      i love the dailies series too erin! i’m actually thinking about doing one over on my blog just for the hell of it. thanks!

    • angie

      thanks for sharing your dailie. your bunnies are so cute!

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