• the dailies: jennifer from odette new york.

    06.17.2008 / Miscellaneous

    Today’s daily features jewelry designer and blogger Jennifer from Odette NY, which happens to be one of the most gorgeous jewelry companies out there. Honestly. I’m so pleased to be featuring a wider variety of independent artisans and am hoping you’ll see some new faces on the Dailies in the coming weeks! Take it away, Jennifer!

    7:18 am
    No alarm, just some temporary paper shades and a whole lot of sunlight. Wake up and make the bed. Reassure husband that his slightly crumpled shirt and overgrown facial scruff will indeed look okay for work (this is probably selfish since I like it this way). A smooch and he’s out the door.

    7:45 am
    Turn on Miss Silvia, our eight-year-old espresso machine and the love of my morning. This really is her name; we didn’t make it up (just ask google). I make a latte with what coffee geeks refer to as microfoam. Sadly, I am unable to make good latte art this morning.

    8:00 am
    Trying to implement a morning sketch time to help me balance design with business. I work on a few sketches for a cuff design to go with my jellyfish necklace. It’s challenging.

    8:30 am
    I check my inbox. I just bought this antique wire file basket at the Brooklyn Flea, so I put it to use with my pending projects. I fill out some paperwork for an upcoming event, go over some orders, and then check my other inbox.

    9:00 am
    Answer a few e-mails, post about lovely distractions (cupcakes!) on my blog. Read about more lovely distractions on other blogs. I check in with new sales rep Crystal, who is helping me out on the west coast (and knitting me a scarf)! The paper airplane painting is by my friend Mike and the photograph was taken of us in Paris by my friend Karin.

    10:45 am
    Eat an orange passion fruit yogurt and muesli cereal for breakfast. To my dismay, the cereal gets soggy while I take the photograph. Head around the corner into my studio. Work on an order for Linnet, one of the stores that stocks my line in Japan. They ordered the new bullet hole necklaces, so I am adding the rose gold vermeil chain.

    11:45 am
    Work for a while on the new unisex division of the line. Take some photographs for the website. Pull a few molds to bring with me to the jewelry district to have castings made. Force myself to eat some lunch. I’m not a big lunch person; I much prefer breakfast and dinner. Eat a small bowl of Greek pasta salad leftover from the weekend. Have two mini cupcakes also leftover from the weekend with some lemonade.

    3:00 pm
    Walk to the subway in the hot sun. The stations aren’t air-conditioned but the subway cars are. Arrive at the jewelry district on 47th Street and head to my various contractors.

    4:30 pm
    Since I’m close to the mega-Anthropologie at Rockefeller Center, I decide to stop in to escape the heat. I buy a simple sundress and because I decline a shopping bag, they enter me into a going green raffle. Of course, my suspicious mind just thinks they are planning to sell off my phone number. I meet my friend Nilam in front of her office at 30 Rockefeller. We go get ice cream because it is 95 degrees. Head back home to Brooklyn in a slight sugar coma, which I decide is good for braving the crowded rush hour trains.

    6:20 pm
    Answer a few more e-mails. My husband comes home and refuses to try on any of my new unisex pieces. I threaten to take the wedding band I made him away but then realize that might be a bad idea. I forgive him and vow to make man jewelry that he will wear if it’s the last thing I do. Tummy growls and I think about dinner.

    7:30 pm
    It’s hot outside, so we decide on just a simple pasta. We make a green pasta with broccoli rabe and a green salad to try to negate all the mini cupcakes and ice cream of late. There is nothing on TV so I want to watch our latest netflix movie, Control and he wants to watch Mythbusters. We settle on Larry King and some tivoed Sex and the City.

    11:40 pm
    Eyes are getting droopy and I’m ready for bed. Read the leftover Sunday Times until I fall asleep.

    • diana @ please sir

      What a lovely and busy day!

    • design for mankind.

      Isn’t she such a dear??? :)

    • Karin

      love it! and luckily i get to enjoy a latte from Miss Silvia in a couple weekends! :) these dailies are fun!

    • Thereza Rowe

      great pictures, great day, great jewelery. GREAT POST!
      love the dailies! :)

    • mandco

      This is great! So interesting!

    • canyouhearme?

      who are these people with such amazing days??? seriously.
      thanks for the little look into a great artist’s life :)

    • nina

      It’s great to hear from a jewelry designer…I love the dailies :-)

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