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    09.15.2008 / Miscellaneous

    Oh my goodness, today is a GOOD, GOOD DAY. As some of you may know through the blogosphere, Little Paper Planes [the best shoppe EVER!] has a new look. It’s pretty fabulous and the good news doesn’t stop there.

    Kelly Lynn Jones, owner of Little Paper Planes happens to be a dear friend of mine. Who happens to be an uber-talented artist. Who HAPPENS to have had a show, curated by Kelly, at Tinlark Gallery this weekend [which I happened to miss b/c of a dreaded move coming up in two days].

    And Miss Kelly just happened to offer Design for Mankind readers the BEST GIVEAWAY EVER [It’s Little Paper Planes FIRST giveaway and you won’t win her prints ANYWHERE ELSE!]. Here’s the deal:

    Visit Little Paper Planes and browse the ten prints that were featured at the Tinlark show this weekend [also listed in the photo above!]. Leave a comment below and tell us which two are your favorite and why. The lucky winner will receive your TWO FAVORITE PRINTS! We’ll be selecting a winner at random in 24 hours, so hurry!

    Let the comments begin, and thank you, dear Kelly for such a fun and fantastic giveaway! Congrats on the new site, and we love you always!

    Link: Tinlark Gallery.
    Little Paper Planes.

    edit: A super exciting sidenote: These letterpress prints are the beginning of Little Paper Press, a publishing endeavor Kelly is starting [yes, she does it all!]. Each month there will be an exclusive print and feature from Kelly’s favorite artists, for sale in the shoppe! Does it get ANY better?


      I’ll email you with details… ;)


    • YAY thanks to everyone!! xoxxo

    • Oh wow! Isn’t it great? so many comments already! I love the new site, it looks so great and I love the Ramis Kim print(that beautiful blue and the romantic quality of the little girls dresses and the birds) and also the Julianna Swaney print(bit fan of Oh Cavalier!) for the unexpected bear in a ladies dress and again, the romantic quality of the dress and the ribbon coming out of her mouth. What a great giveaway! Thank you!

    • these are my favs: Keith Shore + Maxwell Loren/ Holyoke-Hirsch

      I love paperplanes’ prints, the selection of artists is just perfect!

    • I love the Michelle Armas & Nigel Peake prints!

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