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    09.15.2008 / Miscellaneous

    Oh my goodness, today is a GOOD, GOOD DAY. As some of you may know through the blogosphere, Little Paper Planes [the best shoppe EVER!] has a new look. It’s pretty fabulous and the good news doesn’t stop there.

    Kelly Lynn Jones, owner of Little Paper Planes happens to be a dear friend of mine. Who happens to be an uber-talented artist. Who HAPPENS to have had a show, curated by Kelly, at Tinlark Gallery this weekend [which I happened to miss b/c of a dreaded move coming up in two days].

    And Miss Kelly just happened to offer Design for Mankind readers the BEST GIVEAWAY EVER [It’s Little Paper Planes FIRST giveaway and you won’t win her prints ANYWHERE ELSE!]. Here’s the deal:

    Visit Little Paper Planes and browse the ten prints that were featured at the Tinlark show this weekend [also listed in the photo above!]. Leave a comment below and tell us which two are your favorite and why. The lucky winner will receive your TWO FAVORITE PRINTS! We’ll be selecting a winner at random in 24 hours, so hurry!

    Let the comments begin, and thank you, dear Kelly for such a fun and fantastic giveaway! Congrats on the new site, and we love you always!

    Link: Tinlark Gallery.
    Little Paper Planes.

    edit: A super exciting sidenote: These letterpress prints are the beginning of Little Paper Press, a publishing endeavor Kelly is starting [yes, she does it all!]. Each month there will be an exclusive print and feature from Kelly’s favorite artists, for sale in the shoppe! Does it get ANY better?

    • Oh my! The Michelle Armas (who I had never come across before…) and the Nigel Peake (who I’ve been a big fan of for a while – always wanted to be an architect…) are may faves … waht a great giveaway (and good luck with the move!)

    • Oh, I concur with the Michelle Armas print love! For some reason, those pretty blue bubbles at the top seem the most righteous thing ever.
      And I love love LOVE the print by Julianna Swaney. I’ve been a fan of Oh My Cavalier! for a while now and her stuff gets me every time…

    • yeahhhh!!!!! i love this shop! :)

    • Mandy

      OOH! I love the Ramis Kim and the Julianna Swaney!

      And hopefully I’ll be able to get into the Tinlark Gallery this week to see the show!

    • oh my! i love the ramis kim and michelle armas! what can i say, i’m feeling the blue today. this is amazing! thanks erin and kelly lynn!

    • Sara

      Ohh! I just love the prints by Michelle Armas and Nigel Peake!

    • The Alyson Fox and the Nigel Peake are beyond cool. :D

    • YIPPIE! I adore the Ramis Kim prints and Nigel Peake …

    • kate

      Katy Horan & Gavin Bunner’s pieces really strike a cord with me.
      Congrats to Kelly for taking this big step with the new site AND gallery show AND exclusive letterpress prints. Wow!

    • ryann

      What a fabulous giveaway. My vote goes for Alyson Fox & Nigel Peake. Oo la la.

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