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  • the dailies: bailey doesn’t bark.

    10.02.2008 / Miscellaneous

    Oh the excitement! Today’s Daily is fresh from Re Jin Lee, also known as Bailey Doesn’t Bark, one of my favorite ceramicists! Let’s get right to it, shall we?

    5:00am        I’m woken up by puppy cries – her bathroom time… fall asleep again.
    7:30am        More puppy cries – more bathroom time. She sleeps I sleep…

    8:45am    I wake up and say my ‘favorite’ 8 words: “I have to go to the post office!” Still need to work on scheduling a pick up with USPS. Before breakfast, before anything, I run over to the post office. I love the city in the morning. Feels fresh, renewed and quiet…

    9:30am    ::shower::feed the dogs::water the plants…

    9:45am    I finally sit down for “breakfast”, check emails, orders, update my blog, flickr…
    Read a few magazines, visit my favorite blogs and try not to shop…

    11:00am    Start working on orders. A little late, but I will catch up…

    12:00pm    oh no… I forget about Neil Young’s ticket pre sale! Started at 10am. I’ve been waiting for days… I manage to get good seats anyway. Back to orders.

    12:45pm    I get side tracked and work on decorating my space. I’m very excited!

    1:45pm    Quick lunch.
    2:00pm    Continue with orders. I’m working on a couple of big orders and I’m trying to be good with the scheduling…

    4:00pm    I love watching the dogs play. Guinness is only 9 weeks old and Bailey a year. Bailey loves dogs, way more than humans, so she has lot’s of affection to offer Guinness. It’s funny to watch them interact. Bailey goes for a walk, Guinness still needs to be held…

    5:30pm    Work on mood board, sketch a few ideas. I’m planning on some big changes for Bailey Doesn’t Bark in 2009. Meanwhile, I want to thrown in mini teaser collections…

    6:30pm    Feed the dogs. (We are trying to get both dogs in the same schedule. It’s difficult. Bailey is a picky eater and eats whenever.)

    6:45pm    I’m determined to finish decorating the space as soon as possible. It’s my first ‘official’ work space and I want to make it nice, cozy and inspiring…

    7:15pm    I can’t help it… I love browsing through Etsy. It’s torture when I need to keep myself from going broke!

    8:00pm    I love the recipes by Marichelle (Heart Handmade Blog). She posts them on lifeflix.blogspot.com. We either eat out or order in all the time, so this is a good change. We need to cook more… Tonight I try the broiled Italian sausages with peppers and onions. Since I don’t have hot dog buns, I cook some home fries. Forgot to defrost the sausages earlier, it takes a while…

    8:20pm    I’m not experienced in the kitchen – cutting onions and potatoes last an eternity…
    9:00pm    We eat and watch Emir Kusturica’s Underground.

    10:30pm    It’s a long movie. We leave it to finish tomorrow. Wash up.
    11:00pm    Good night.

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    • This sounds so much like my day! I’m glad I’m not the only one who, um, gets sidetracked. Oh, self-employment!

    • Ha, I’m right there with ya, Barb! :)

    • Ahh the dailies.

      These are a breath of fresh air. To know other people’s less traveled paths. When I see this, I know that I too will find my way in this crazy world.

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