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  • the dailies: rebecca of apartment therapy.

    10.16.2008 / Miscellaneous

    Today is a special treat as we often cover artists/designers on the blog, but rarely get a chance to sneak a peek into the life of a blogger! Rebecca Orlov isn’t your average blogger, however— she’s currently a contributor at Apartment Therapy L.A. as well as editor of her own blog, LOVING/ LIVING/ SMALL, AND works in production for a local ad agency. Gracious, I’m so tired just thinking about that sort of triple duty! Let’s hear how she juggles it all!

    My alarm goes off and I snooze twice in 9-min segments.  We just got a brand new king sized bed and we absolutely love it! It’s hard to get out of bed but I do. I brush my teeth, wash my face and make some coffee. I’ve been enjoying Starbucks Pike Place lately.

    I sit down at our home office (formerly our eat-in-kitchen) and turn on my computers. The computer on the left is my office computer and the one on the right is my personal work computer. I definitely keep these separate and since these little MacBooks are lightweight, I can easily travel with them to and from my jobs.  I differentiate the 2 by a yellow stickie on my personal one. Maybe I can get a cooler sticker or cover like Abby form ATLA suggests.

    I make any final tweaks on my Apartment Therapy posts. I post a few times a day for ATLA and prep my posts the night before since:
    a) I am not a morning person.
    b) I have to get ready for my day job at an advertising agency. My day job keeps me busy all day long and I usually don’t have time to create my posts during the day.
    c) Did I mention I wasn’t a morning person?

    I write a new post for LOVING / LIVING / SMALL, my blog about resources and ideas for living in a small space under 1000 sq ft.  I especially like to highlight what I consider Design Inspirations – anything from an artist, to a designer, to a hotel to a fashion house to a web site.  Basically, anything that small space dwellers can pull inspiration from when they are creating their own small space.

    I check my email accounts.  Day job work email, Apartment Therapy email, LOVING / LIVING / SMALL email and my personal email. (mental note – I have a lot of email addresses. Help!?!)

    Enjoy a morning walk. I love walking in the morning and have my usual loop around my pretty neighborhood. I live in a nice little section of Beverly Hills with a mix of small apartments buildings (like mine) and small homes. Let’s just say the “bigger” BH homes are many blocks north of where I live. Here is my view as I walk out of my building. I can see the top of the Beverly Wilshire – the hotel where Juila Roberts and Richard Gere stayed. (see pic with arrow). The cool air is nice and I enjoy snapping interesting pictures along the way that can maybe be something interesting for Apartment Therapy. This morning, I am intrigued by the facades of apartment buildings. These rock! Some may say “dated” but I say vintage and cool.  I also love looking at the palm tree-lined street blocks. It never gets old.

    Shower and get ready for work.  Today I am shooting in the afternoon and I have some work to do in my office before I head downtown to the location.  I take my camera with me everywhere I go in case I spot a cool idea or an interesting resource for Apartment Therapy.

    I head into my ad agency. I work in production and today I am shooting content for a new website we are designing. I finish up the work I need to do and have about 30 minutes of down time before I head off to my shoot. I write another post for LLS and begin prepping one of my posts for Apartment Therapy. I like to write out my posts on Word and save as I go so when I sit down in the evening to work on them, they are organized in their own folder.  As I leave for my shoot, I grab a quick coffee at Starbucks. (mental note – considering switching to tea.)

    I head to downtown Los Angeles. I really love the look of the cityscape and snap a quick picture as I am stopped in some traffic. (no surprise there).  The shoot is going well and I also have time to snap some pics of the location. The buildings look great!

    Head back west and meet my boyfriend, Joe, at the Farmer’s Market for dinner. We love it here – they have tons of different food joints under one roof and tonight are enjoying some yummy Italian food.  We typically beeline to Loteria for some great Mexican food but decided to switch it up. Plus there’s a nice little jazz band playing and it’s a warm evening. The sun has just set and I snapped this picture as I couldn’t resist the lighting.

    We’re back home and relaxing after the day. I check my emails again to make sure I am up-to-date and finish up my Apartment Therapy posts.  It’s been very rewarding writing for Apartment Therapy and continuing my blog, LOVING / LIVING / SMALL. Writing about ways to live in a healthy and beautiful home and meet members of this amazing community, like Erin, have been wonderful! [editor’s note: right back atcha, dear!]

    I am tired. Get ready for bed and am asleep in our brand new king sized bed before my head hits the pillow.

    • Wow. And I think I’m busy?! Rebecca is incredible and I’m so glad to see her day covered here. Thanks to both of you!

    • You all are too kind! Thanks for the sweet words! xx, Rebecca

    • I just love love love the dailies! thank youu :D

    • Thank YOU, Rebecca!

    • wow, incredible all that she is able to get done in a day! i would love any or all of her gigs!

    • Larry (Rebecca's Dad

      She is one amazing daughter!

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