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    11.11.2008 / Miscellaneous

    Eek! In honor of Paul’s recent interview with Mankind Mag, Mr. Paper has kindly offered Design for Mankind readers a free set of these gorgeous postcards.

    Postcards are my favorite thing in the world, so if you don’t want it, comment for me. ;)

    You know what to do— leave a comment thanking Paul, writing a love letter to someone or list your favorite toffee recipe. Or you know, whatever. Winner will be contacted Thursday— you have 24 hours!


    Link: Paul Paper’s – Postcards.

    • Am I too late? I hope not because I think Paul Paper’s photography is magic! Here is a poem for him:

      Oh Paul Paper
      You wonderful photograph maker
      Your images are a delight
      I want your postcards with all my might.

      hehe :)

    • Srdana

      dear diary. today I made ravioli filled with beetroot and almonds in orange sauce for someone whom I thought I still loved. I wanted to make a meal that would be bright red and orange scented, like my love for him is. he did not notice. he ate and left.
      silly me. I will know better next time.

    • sara

      cheers to the lost art of actually writing to people! i’d give each one of my friends one who live all across this fair country so they could write me and tell me all about their lives! i miss them dearly.

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