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    12.22.2008 / Miscellaneous


    Oooh, this is a goodie. Tilman has kindly donated my very favorite print from his collection— comment below to win! Remember– WHO would you gift this print to and WHY?

    Thanks, Tilman!

    Link: Tilman Faelker

    • I’d give that to my daughter because she doesn’t like things that everyone would have, only unique things. This is perfect

    • Super cool.

    • I only have a handful of prints from friends/lovers/inspirations.

      this would be the cherry on top of everything. inspirations like david hughes comes to mind.

      i would honestly give this gift to myself… i’ve had a really hard year and i know this would be a wonderful start to a new year. Open for new interpretations and new inspirations. I literally came across tilman’s work tonight.. and it being close to new years, it just fluttered into my heart at the right moment.

      i know this print would clear my mind every day and just be the inspiration i need to see for my day to start clearly..

    • Megan

      This print makes my head hurt…I am not sure who the lucky duck would be…

    • tina

      i would give this print to my roommate, so i could give it as a gift but also have it stay in my apartment!

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