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    12.11.2008 / Miscellaneous

    It’s Thursday of Giveaway Week, and we’re having so much fun, we might have to extend giveaway week into next week, too! Eek!

    Today we’re offering a limited edition 8×10 print from Freshly Blended Press, a $15 value! A definite goodie for any art collector!

    You know the drill— comment below WHO you’d gift this gorgeous print to and WHY? Ready, go!
    Special thanks to Nichole at Freshly Blended!

    Link:  FreshlyBlendedPress

    • I think I would actually be selfish and give this one to myself! I’ve been busy busy busy with making handmade gifts for my family and friends, and want a little something handmade as a reward! hehe. :)

    • Cara C.

      I’d give this to my amazing mother. She is a great artist and I wish some of it had rubbed off on me.. oh well, I am trying. She would love it.

    • I’d give this to the next person I stand behind in line that turns around and looks at me awkwardly and then lifts up their leg. People in lines do the craziest things.

    • this would be a gift for my father! his lastname means “stork” in spanish, so it would only be fit.

    • Easy. This goes to my office mate. That way she’ll take down her crappy picture of kids in the rain.

    • My parents don’t have any art work in our living room. This would also go really well with the colour scheme in that room.

    • reeva

      i’d gift this to my friend who loves mice. She needs a contrast in her life — these birds would work nicely

      Thanks for a great giveaway! i hope i’m chosen as the lucky winner.

    • Kait

      I would give it to my grandma because it would match nicely her living room decor.

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