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    01.29.2009 / Miscellaneous


    Happy giveaway Thursday to you! Do you see the fantasticness above you? My GRACIOUS. This is one of my favorite giveaways lined up, as I am a huuuge fan of ILoveGreySkies’ Etsy shoppe. And lucky for you, sweet Kimberley has donated one of my favorite pieces— the Mounted Mooks plaque! Eek!

    Thank you so much, Kimberley— everyone else? Comment to win!

    Link:  ilovegreyskies

    • Mooks are so cute! I keep meaning to buy one of ‘em.

    • this is fantastic! I’m going to add ILoveGreySkies to my etsy faves!

    • ohhh i love this etsy shop!!

    • kendra

      That’s so awesome!

    • ILoveGreySkies= amazing
      Lucie= wants

      ;) what would we do without etsy

    • That just might be the cutest thing ever!! Must check out their Etsy right away!!

    • cute-a-toot!

    • That’s really odd that I do not remember seeing this artist before (browsing etsy is such as fun past time)… super, super cool!

    • sarah l.

      awesome. i want. i need.

    • Oh my goodness, that is -awesome-! Going to check out etsy now!

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