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    05.13.2009 / Miscellaneous


    Miranda sent me a link to her lovely new work and I now have a total girl crush on everyone with the name Miranda. Watch out, girls.


    • Haha, whaaaaat! Girl crush? Hahaha, man crush with a spin on it. I didn’t know that was possible. See, I am not only seeing awesome art, I am learning too!

    • Dreamy photos…

    • this photo is so cool : )

      many ideas come to my mind when i look at it, i’m sure it has a nice story :)

      i could guess it was taken on a sunday morning, when you wake up early, that you are the first to be awake and that everything is so quiet : )
      i nearly can smell coffee and croissants : )

    • Anonymous

      wow! Her work is really fantastic! Thank you so much for the link ;-)

      x Sandra x

    • wow! Her work is really fantastic! Thank you so much for the link ;-)

      x Sandra x

    • WOW!

      Thank you for the link.
      Her work is absolutely fantastic :-)

      x Sandra x

    • Absolutely stunning.

      I don’t believe I’ve actually ever met anyone by the name of Miranda. Oh dear.

    • So, so pretty. Love the ethereal quality of her images.
      PS, Lots of people named Miranda here in the UK

    • Gorgeous pics, thanks for the link. Love your Blog. XO, Andrea

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