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06.10.2009 / Miscellaneous

Today’s episode is one of my favorites, covering the topic of community. Do you have more friends online than in real life? What are the benefits to each, and which community would you prefer if you had to choose just one?

In addition to our regular contributors, Blanket Magazine’s editor Bec Brown is joining us to weigh in on the topic. AND, we’d like to thank our episode sponsor, SFGirlByBay! For information on how YOU can sponsor an episode, email dialogue[AT]designformankind.com.

Let the dialogue begin!

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  • i’ve been so busy that i somehow missed all of these wonderful dialogues! this idea of your is so fresh and new and i love it just like everyone else! thank you for giving me a jolt of inspiration and a bunch of new things to think about. i especially loved this one :)

  • i love your dialogues. if you ever need another brooklyn artist to add to the discussion I would love to be included.

  • Bonjour chers lecteurs quel est votre avis de mon nouveau blog sur le diagnostic immobilier?

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