• sooooound etsy giveaway circulation art print

    sooooound etsy giveaway circulation art print

  • shuxin giveaway circulation art print etsy

    shuxin giveaway circulation art print etsy


    08.07.2009 / Miscellaneous

    sooooound etsy giveaway circulation art print

    Happy Friday– it’s giveaway time! Today we’re offering four (4) super awesome giveaways, starting with this lovely print entitled ‘Circulation’ by sweet Etsy seller Shuxin!

    Comment below to enter; winner will be notified via email on Aug 14th.
    [Sidenote: When spending more than $55 in Sooooound’s shoppe,  indicate “Design for Mankind” in the “message to seller” at checkout to get 20% off.]

    Link:  SOOOOOUND

    • This is actually Beautiful and sound. In scotland, well teens they use sound as a word to describe something thats reallyyy nice and cool. So in this occasion it really does work :D also i love the colours and how the geometric shapes combine to become apart of the tree. The colour of the paper is really nice :) … it reminds me when i made birthday invites for my sister’s 16th which was an alice in wonderland theme. I tea stained paper to make it that colour, so it would look like old scrolls. The birds and the wee bgs in the corner gives the picture a bit more life to it :) Also the green in the branchs looks sooo sound ;) haah xxxxx

    • Becks

      This is magical. I would really love to own this piece, I am a poor illustration student who wishes she could afford to buy artwork, unfortunately piggy bank is empty for such splendid pieces. So I would be honoured to be given this. I’d be a very very happy lady.

    • ashleigh

      i would love this!

    • oh lovely print, my bare wall aches for you!

    • so graphic and organic all at once! love it!

    • So awesome!

    • I’ll take it! Thank you. :)

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