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  • the dailies: color me katie.

    01.27.2010 / Miscellaneous

    You guys have been begging for more Dailies (and I don’t blame you!), so it’s time to deliver. My sweet intern Marisa lined up this goodie for us, and whoa. Seriously. Say it again. Whoa.

    If you’re not familiar with The Dailies, it’s a series where we stalk follow a day in the life of a creative individual, from dusk ’til dawn. Everyone loves The Dailies, and if you don’t… well, then. Crap.

    Anyway. Color Me Katie. I swear, you guys — this girl has mad talent. A card-carrying member of Improv Everywhere, Katie Sokoler has the most colorful perspective on the world than anyone I know. She has an awesome photo wall, plays with sidewalk chalk and turns snow into sno-cones.

    Anyway, I’ll let Katie’s schedule speak for itself. Read on!:

    8:00 am
    Time to wake up! Morning is my favorite time of the day because the light is so pretty and soft.

    8:20 am
    I stumble over to my computer to check my email and put on music so I can sing in the shower.

    8:45 am
    ….and sometimes dance.

    9:20 am
    I like to put a plate of seeds out on my fire escape to feed the squirrels and birds. But It’s mostly just to entertain my cat Moo, who likes to watch them from the window.

    9:45 am
    I make tasty coffee for me and my love.

    10:00 am
    Time to get to work! Tyra Banks is using my photos on her TV show next week so I need to go through and edit them.
    11:30 am
    All done and time to send them!

    12:00 pm
    Now it’s time to make a project for my blog. I’m making some fun silhouettes to put up on my wall. The first step is to cut out people from pictures.

    12:30 pm
    Then I trace them onto colorful pieces of paper and cut out the shapes.

    1:30 pm
    My wall just became a bit more colorful and fun!

    2:00 pm
    Posting the photos on my blog.
    2:30 pm
    Since I work mostly at my computer from home, I try to take a walk every day so that my head doesn’t explode!
    Walking around my pretty neighborhood gives me time to brainstorm new ideas and fun projects to work on.

    4:00 pm
    Tomato soup with an egg? My favorite!
    5:00 pm
    Moo babysits Big Frog and Little Frog while I clean their tank.

    6:00 pm
    Back to the computer. Now it’s time to answer lots of emails and interviews!

    9:00 pm
    Matty and I have a big feast at a cozy restaurant and then go home to watch old movies.

    12:00 am
    Whoa! Inspiration overload, right? Follow Katie’s blog or check her out on Twitter. Thanks, Katie!
    • Wow, the dailies – i just loooove it! thanks for sharing. funny, i got in my mind that i wanted two colored tights – each leg a different color – and i looked them up a few days ago. it made me happy to think i could wear something like that after turning 40 last week!

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    • robyn

      can you tell me what the wall at 10 am is made from and are they reuseable several times? the wall looks great. the big frog certainly doesn’t look safe.

      can you please email me if you do work like the wall regularly as i am interested in finding something i can stick on the wall/take off and put back again over and over.

    • I like your colorful photos. As being synesthete I live a life in colors. Synesthesia means that I see colors when I see words and numbers.I transform this in paintings of names and birthdays.

    • hi robyn —

      katie will be in touch shortly re: how she made her wall! :)

    • This is a brilliant series! I want to go to lunch with her! I feel like I know her already ;).

      PS: You’d be invited to lunch if we ever scheduled it, I promise!


    • Ohmygoodness, I love the last wall, with the clouds and the raindrops! I am going to make me one of those walls, I think. Excited!!!

      Yay! Such a fun way to bring back the Dailies! Nice one :)

    • Hey Robyn! The wall is made from pieces of colored poster board and I use masking tape to stick it to the walls. I do take off the pieces and put them back on at times but the paper eventually gets worn out from the movement.

    • Jonathan

      Yaa for the return of your dailies!

      It’s the only reason why I continue to have your blog on my bloglines.com account. I miss ‘em.

      Btw, Katie is sure way colourful!

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