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  • the dailies: rubyellen of my cakies.

    02.16.2010 / Miscellaneous

    Time for another Daily! I’m going to give you the day off to let this one soak in, b/c whoa. Today we’re following the day of Rubyellen of My Cakies fame (blog / etsy)! Such a sweet gal with an even sweeter family. Take it away, Rubyellen!

    7:00am :: Wake-up, check emails, blog and quietly sneak out of the room (because there is a sleeping baby) to get my day started. Waking up for me is easy as I am one of those annoying happy-pappy people in the morning. My husband, Ben, on the other hand takes a least an hour until he is friendly.

    7:20am :: Sit down and eat some oatmeal. I hated eating oatmeal when I was pregnant, but since I gave birth, oatmeal for breakfast is all I want. Well, maybe along with some chocolate chip cookies.

    7:30am :: Get ready to make Ben’s lunch, so I go outside to our garden to get some swiss chard, which I put in Ben’s sandwich. I then put together Ben’s sandwich, wrap up his fruits and vegetables and pack up his lunch for the day. I have to make sure he has a nice balanced meal, he is a dietitian after all.
    7:45am :: Wake True and Brave up because they like to say goodbye to their Papi as he leaves for work.

    8:00am :: Say goodbye to Ben as he leaves for another day at work. Then, I get the girls dressed and ready for their day.

    8:30am :: True and Brave sit down to eat their oatmeal and blueberries.

    9:00am :: Hear Soul crying, so I go upstairs and she is wide awake. True, Brave, and I talk to her a bit and Soul smiles back at her big sisters.

    9:10am :: Change Soul’s stinky diaper.

    9:15am :: Change Brave’s wet diaper. Then, let the girls lay down together and laugh a bit as I take pictures.

    9:30am :: Time to feed Soul. True and Brave are off to make a mess in their rooms.

    9:40am :: Brave comes marching in as I am feeding Soul and exclaims that True is not sharing, so I tell her to stay and hang out with me and Soul. She proceeds to jump and spin on the bed as Soul is feeding.

    9:58am :: Soul is put to nap and us girls go downstairs as I am ready to pop in my video and do a workout. I have been going strong for one month, but we will see how long this lasts. It is hard to find time with three little ones. True and Brave sit on the couch and read while I do the first portion of my workout.

    10:30am :: I pause my workout video as I see the girls are done (bored) reading as they have now joined me in my workout, so I take out the play dough for them to play with as I finish up exercising.

    11:00am :: I am done exercising. We all get our sketchbooks and sit together drawing and doodling.

    11:30am :: True and Brave say they want to continue working on their painting that we started the day before, so I get out their canvases and paints and we all continue to work on their paintings.

    12:00pm :: As the girls are painting, I go to see my little Soul is still sound asleep.

    1:00pm :: We take a break from painting and we all eat lunch together. Lunch for today is some tacos with ground turkey, mixed with corn on a hard shell tortilla, and for greens, I use the swiss chard grown in our garden. They also have carrots on the side to munch on.

    1:30pm :: The girls go back to painting another color on their canvas as I clean up the kitchen. It is amazing how such little girls can make such a big mess!

    2:00pm :: I am beat and glad that it is their nap time. We all go upstairs and I put them in their own rooms for a nap.

    2:05pm :: By this time, Soul has a fully loaded diaper and ready for another change.

    2:15pm :: Time to feed Soul again, so we lay down together and I check emails and do some blog reading.

    2:30pm :: I play with Soul a bit and then put her down for another nap.

    2:35pm :: Alas! Time for myself. I finally take a shower and get dressed up for the day (or what’s left of it anyways).

    3:00pm :: I sit near Soul as she sleeps. This is when I have my quiet time and work on my various projects, or things for the shop. On this particular day, I was crocheting some bows for the shop.

    3:45pm :: I go downstairs to have a little snack and sketch as I enjoy eating my Japanese mochi. After which, I go back to crocheting. My quiet times are such a treasure as it helps clear my head.
    4:45pm :: Soul cries. I feed and change her again.

    5:00pm :: Time to wake up True and Brave from their naps.

    5:30pm :: Ben finally comes home from work. He tells me all about his stressful day and I try my best be a good listener because sometimes I am a very bad listener. After work talk, we are both too exhausted and don’t know what we should make for dinner.
    6:10pm :: We all go downstairs and prepare dinner. We decided that he will cook some broccoli rabe, and I will prepare some whole grain cous cous with beans.

    6:30pm :: We all sit down together to eat dinner. We pray, the girls insist on clanging our glasses to do “cheers,” and we all indulge in our yummy, simple made food.

    7:15pm :: I take the girls upstairs, bathe them, and get them ready for bed.
    7:30pm :: I tuck Brave into bed to sleep and Ben tucks True in for the night. Lucky Soul is still feeding throughout the night, so she gets to be in our room.
    7:35pm :: I feed and change Soul again as Ben goes back downstairs to finish cleaning up the kitchen.
    8:00pm :: Ben and I are so pooped out from the day. He showers as I do some stuff online, then we cuddle together in bed and watch a movie.

    10:26pm :: We finally say goodnight (with a kiss) and get rest to do it all over again the next day. Goodnight!

    For more inspiring days, enjoy our Dailies archives!

    • beautiful day. I am enjoying one much the same… everyone is napping, supper is in the oven – and I am writing to you and feeling much more at ease with the fact that I take afternoon showers too…

      Thank you.

    • Anonymous

      They take a tap from 2-5, and then go to sleep at 7:30 to sleep almost 12 more hours. Crazy!

    • Karen

      I LOVE the darling afghans. Is there a pattern available for them. I love the mix of colors! I’m not much of a crocheter, but would love to give it a try!

    • Hi Ruby,

      What a beautiful day, and so cute family, I love your pictures, also I love the dailies and of course cakies!!! Your girls are adorable and the baby Soul it’s so cute!!!


      Jimena love’s your blog too.

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    • Anna

      What do you give your children to make them sleep that much?!! I am amazed. I have a three year old and I thought I was lucky because he sleeps all night and take an 1,5 hour nap every day, but obviously I’m not! :-) How old are your older girls? They seem to have an enormous attention span when they can paint for 1,5 hours. Mine spends like 10 minutes with his crayons and then need some new things to do. I just say: congratulations!

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