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  • the dailies: seesaw design.

    07.30.2010 / Miscellaneous

    Happy Friday! Today’s a special day for you, as we have the gals joining us from SeeSaw Designs to give you a sneak peek into their daily lives for another Daily series! Enjoy, friends!:

    Raquel: I have been hitting the snooze button for the past hour – I am a night person. Oatmeal with a few apricot slices and tea.
    Raquel: I am off to the pool for a morning swim – I casually train for triathlons. Shower, get dressed and pick up Feather Lemon for work. I drive past this sign every morning and smile.

    Raquel: Feather, my beautiful boston terrier, and I arrive at the office.
    Angela: Arrive at the office. Get settled, figure out my priority list for the day, and get to work on client projects and admin. Today it’s a few event posters for our yoga client and a website for a new interior design client.

    Angela: This is where our current intern sits. Throughout the day, we check in with her on the projects we’ve assigned to her and give feedback.

    Angela: Time for our weekly lunch at our client, Chestnut Lane. We operate her Twitter/Facebook (in addition to other design work we do for her) and in exchange we get a free, delicious lunch. This week it’s some organic kale salad and of course treats (we all have a sweet tooth).
    Angela: Meeting with a new potential design client at their location. Fingers crossed, head back to the office to finish up a couple projects for the day.

    Angela: Once a week I photograph items for our vintage shop and it’s always funny to see the clean office explode with amazing finds all three of us have brought in.

    Lindsay: After a long day of printing at the letterpress studio I head home. I impulsively stop at goodwill and rescue a few vintage dresses.

    Lindsay: I get home and water my plants while my husband Ryan prepares a delicious assortment of prosciutto and kale bruschetta.

    Lindsay: After dinner Ryan and I hop on our tandem and take a trip through our 1950s Phoenix neighborhood.

    Lindsay: I play with my cat Finn, watch some tv and call it a night.

    Thanks, ladies!

    • So nice to take a peak into other people’s days. Love the clean bright office and then the splash of colour from all the vintage treasures.

    • a daily trio is three times as nice as a single. love your day(s).

    • aren’t they such inspirations, those little ladies? :)

    • Ooh! I would love to work in that office. Particularly like the drapes. :)

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