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    our kitchen!

    03.28.2011 / WORK

    My Nashville weekend was relaxing and invigorating, which was the perfect mix to start off the packing/decorating/moving chaos that will be this week. I’ll keep you posted on the progress (although I’ll be a bit silent otherwise), but FIRST! You’ve simply got to see our kitchen progress on

    We’ll be attempting to finish that ceiling before Friday’s photo shoot, so fingers crossed! And as soon as the kitchen is guest-ready, do come visit!

    Source list here!

    • Erin!!! this is so fun to see! wow you sure get a bit more bang for you buck when you’re living away from the beach!
      but we miss you here!
      you look beautiful, as ever.



    • I like this amazing design. Will be considerate to apply in my kitchen.

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