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    07.11.2012 / columns

    design quotes

    • So neat to see this quote on here! I love your blog and it’s neat to see you post the quote that I named my blog after-fun! :) Best, Athena Roth. PS-And good luck with everything baby-I have a 2 1/2 year old little man and it has been an incredible ride with him. I decided to try to give birth naturally and was surprised to see the strength we find when we need it. I didn’t even know that that strength was there-I’ve always considered myself to have no pain tolerance..haha..but there it was when I needed it. You will be great! :) Best of luck!!

      • thank you for the sweet words, athena!!! such inspiring words – i feel readier than ever! :)

    • Hi Erin-I also wanted to add on something really random but I thought of this thing that I tell my girlfriends getting ready for birth-I used waves crashing on the shore as a visualization/meditation for the contractions and it really helped me. It helped me remember that the contractions will go up and down like waves and that I would get a break to breathe when they “break the shore”. haha..I know it may sound cheesy but it was soothing for me and I love that your body gives you those moments to breath in between and catch your breathe. Sorry to go on and on I just remembered that tonight and how much it helped me and wanted to share. Good luck and again-you will be awesome!! Woman are amazing-we make people!? Crazy-right? haha..Best, Athena. :)

      • Ah, thank you, Athena – that’s EXCELLENT advice! :)

    • I meant women are amazing. Sorry-typing fast to get back to the 2 1/2 year old I was speaking of.. haha..:)

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