• 6-Online-courses-to-try-sml

    How To Write

    09.29.2014 / WORK

    1. Get down all of your thoughts, as fast as you can. Write in all caps if you have to. Punctuate! Underline. Scribble it on the coffee receipt, the bank statement. Get it down, in as much detail as time allots. Save it. Keep it. 2. Find it a few days later, in the bottom of your trench or in an email sent to yourself, from yourself. Scratch your head. Attempt to decipher the person you were the moment you …

  • erin loechner in the new york times

    Slow & Steady

    09.24.2014 / WORK

    When The New York Times calls you to ask your opinion about blogging, you answer. You fight the sweaty palms, fearful that you’ll say the wrong thing or your words might be minced or your good intentions to be honest and truthful and mindful might be misconstrued. And then, you state your peace. I stated mine in this NYT article published today, nearly two years after I penned this post about slow blogging. It is still true. It is still …

  • whole-30

    My #Whole30 Thoughts

    09.22.2014 / OTHER

    First things first: 2014 was the year I learned a million things about myself, but one of the most important was my inability to live a calm, peaceful and encouraging existence while fueling my body with junk food. (I know – obvious statement of the decade, but I’m a slow learner.) Although I’ve never been a particularly healthful eater, I started making changes in my diet when I became pregnant with Bee. I cooked dinners I thought were nutritious because …

  • Erin-Loechner-for-Belabumbum-11


    09.17.2014 / LIFE

    Any time I give a talk on blogging, e-mail management or online strategy, I always recommend that a blogger fields reader comments/emails to a FAQ page, rather than answering the same general inquiries every time. And then, I always laugh, because this was on my own to do list yearrrrrs ago and just, life. You know. It goes on. So today, I hunkered down and made it happen. Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions in my …

  • Costuming

    09.17.2014 / Miscellaneous

    Just popping in to share a few darling Halloween costumes for next month. Bee’s going to be an astronaut (thanks for the hand-me-down, Charlie!), but if you’re in the market, there are some super cute options this year!:

  • birthday-dress-1

    My Story

    09.11.2014 / LIFE

    Forgive me; this might seem tangential. (You knew it was coming.)

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