• birthday dress erin loechner 2

    The Birthday Dress

    08.11.2014 / PLAY

    Every year on my birthday, I wear a mildly inappropriate dress (inappropriate in terms of the occasion of celebration, i.e. “overdressed,” and not inappropriate in terms of NSFW documentation – glad we cleared this up). There was the year – my sophomore year in college – when I wore that floral silk number to Math 101 at 9:30AM and literally every other girl present was donning VS Pink sweatpants. “It’s my birthday!” I said with a shrug, adjusting my layered, …

  • F

    Dads, Lately

    08.08.2014 / FAMILY

    Hey Dads. I haven’t been an astute observer of generation-after-generation for very long, but I’ve listened to my fair share of mothers and their mothers and their mothers, and can we talk about how gosh darn hard you have to work these days? Many of you get up when it’s still dark, and you roll out of bed and shower and try to tiptoe out of the house so the littles don’t wake up, and sometimes you grab a granola …

  • -2

    Blogging, Now

    08.07.2014 / WORK

    Blogging won’t die, because it was never truly alive. The stories, the voices – that’s where the heart beats.

  • A

    4 Toddler Printables

    08.05.2014 / ART + DESIGN

    I’m endlessly amazed at how many incredible resources we have at our fingertips – for free! – thanks to content producers, bloggers and magazines that find value in sharing what they know. Case in point? Printables. With a quick download and a bit of printer ink, we can so easily teach our kids new skills, activities and crafts to keep them happy, engaged and inspired. It just doesn’t get better! Here are a few favorites we’ve been loving lately:

  • summer-picnic-by-pond-2

    Picnic Fridays

    08.04.2014 / PLAY

    Arrive at the dock, spread out snacks. Open a book and start reading to the toddler. Fight the disappointment you feel when she wriggles away. Let her run; today is a day to explore. Throw rocks, smell flowers, point at reflections in the water. Note the ripples. Again, again, again.

  • Dolled Up

    08.01.2014 / toys & games

    One of Bee’s favorite toys to play with at Grandma’s house is a custom Victorian dollhouse my mother designed and built in her hey day (I know!). Bee loves helping the tiny baby take a bath in the miniature tub, or wash dishes and fold laundry in the kitchen (Dollhouse World clearly produces some very domestically productive babies). And although I have plans to build our own dollhouse together someday, Bee’s a bit young for the task now. Enter, The …

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