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  • design-for-mankind-ladn-of-nod-1

    A Custom Christmas (Pt. 1)

    11.20.2014 / FAMILY

    I get it now, I do – this crazy Christmas hype. When I was a kid, Christmas was everything. It was snowflakes and carols, curled ribbons and gooey buckeyes. And then – somewhere along the way – I lost the spark. I fell victim to every plot in every holiday movie: Grown-up grows weary of holiday shopping and hustle and bustle. Fails to see Christmas magic until a dimpled kid or traumatic event or incredible miracle provides a tangible ‘Come …

  • Tatoo_InstagramP1150066-3


    11.14.2014 / LIFE

    The reunion had been planned for what, six months? A weekend away in Chicago, just our tiny group of women and the many hats we pack in our suitcases: chefs and mothers and designers and musicians. And it sounded perfect. Until it didn’t sound perfect, and the days grew closer and the nights grew longer. Bee wasn’t sleeping and work wasn’t working and my brain felt like maybe it was on the fritz. I don’t know about electricity, but like …

  • everything-nothing


    11.13.2014 / LIFE

    There isn’t a word for the unique brew of abundant scarcity. I feel it always, nearly every day – this wave of everything and nothing at the same time. This perceived abundance of time and moments with the very knowledge that it is passing, right now, this very moment. That the sun outside is sinking and tomorrow it will sink again but a fragment of a moment later, an inch to the left of the horizon and that next week, …

  • honest-company-bath-2

    Clarifying Motherhood

    11.12.2014 / FAMILY

    We. were. exhausted. The clock’s minute hand pointedly flirted toward the 10pm mark, as if silently sprinkling salt onto the wound of a seemingly never-ending day. Tick. You lost your temper. Tock. Bathtime is going to be a disaster. Tick. Just skip the bubbles tonight. Tock. You’re way off schedule already. It was true. We’d had a busy, frenzied day, the rare kind that leaves you in a tailspin of dropped balls, spinning plates, missed messages. We’d driven many miles, …

  • design for mankind

    Why So New?

    11.11.2014 / OTHER

    So, surprise! The site’s wearing new clothes, and although I know most of you view this through a feed reader like Feedly or Bloglovin‘ or perhaps an email subscription (each option is still available!), I thought I’d take a second to share with you the impetus for this re-design. The term “lifestyle blogger” has always felt a little funny to me, to be honest. I fell into this job purely through the perfect storm of accidental success, hard work and …

  • polaroid

    Mixed Tape Memories

    11.10.2014 / OTHER

    If you’re ever in the market for a good, melancholy meltdown, turn on a mixed tape from high school. Let the voices of Destiny’s Child or Creed or Matchbox Twenty wash over you and remember it all. Avoid the urge to judge your taste in music; you were young. You were unedited. Understand that everyone listened to bad music in high school because they were raw-hemmed, rough-edged version of themselves (sometimes the best versions of all). Try to remember that …

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