• matthew craven

    matthew craven.

    09.24.2012 / people

    Some people should be able to invent their own hieroglyphics system of language, and Matthew Craven is one of those people. This would mean ‘Hello.’ And this one would mean ‘I am completely awesome at art.’ Those are really the only phrases he’d need, I think. LINK: MATTHEW CRAVEN

  • scandinavian rug

    i want it.

    09.24.2012 / things

    This Scandinavian rug just whispered a mighty sweet nothing into my wallet. She said no (the wallet), but I’m saying yes. LINK: STORE WITHOUT A HOME

  • out and about (with graco!).

    09.24.2012 / personal

    Bee is two months today and I’m embarrassed to admit the number of times I’ve ventured outside of my home alone with her. (OK, I’ll admit – three times! In two months!) Maybe it’s a new mom thing, or perhaps it’s just my homebody personality. But for some reason, I feel anxiety building every time I think about Bee and I leaving the house by ourselves. With no one else.¬†Eek. Just typing that gave me hives. And I know I …

  • MIXkind 29.

    09.24.2012 / Miscellaneous

    Things get dreamy on this week’s mix. Press play and imagine you’re winding through a corn maze at a pumpkin patch. [8tracks width=”300″ height=”250″ playops=”” url=”http://8tracks.com/mixes/1020609″] 01. Ache — Twigs 02. Lord Knows — Dum Dum Girls 03. A Simple Answer — Grizzly Bear 04. Is It Honest? — Woods 05. Encyclopedia of Classic Takedowns — A.C. Newman 06. Dark Eyes — Crystal Stilts 07. Tangerine — First Aid Kit (Live) 08. Language City — Wolf Parade 09. Proofs — …

  • bookmark

    bookmark it.

    09.21.2012 / Miscellaneous

    Happy Friday! It officially feels like fall this week, which thrills me to no end. Hope you’re enjoying some crisp weather where you are! As always, here are some goodies that landed in my inbox this week: 1. These terrarium scarves are snazzy indeed. 2. New shop Cloth Paper Cloth is re-inventing vintage fashion! 3. Hand-painted tables from Krishka Studio (love those legs!). 4. Love these knitted yoga ball covers (may be an excuse to get back to yoga class?)! …

  • F

    dear bee // 10.

    09.21.2012 / FAMILY, personal

    Dear Bee, Holy moly, this week was a bit of an emotional train wreck. Here’s the thing no one tells you about new motherhood, Bee: as physically exhausting as it is, the mental strain that accompanies it? Ten thousand times worse.

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