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    Dear Bee // 51

    06.25.2014 / FAMILY

    Dear Bee, You and I, we struggle with balance. (Here’s a secret: everyone does.) You hoard pool noodles and stuffed animals and plastic bowls, begging to be filled with your latest finds from around the house. You want to wear both headbands, use every sticker, eat the whole bag of pistachios. You want your sippy cup filled all the way – overflowing – “just in case” you say. And I’m much the same. I hoard memories and moments in a …

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    Dorm Decor for Grown-Ups

    06.24.2014 / Miscellaneous

    I’ve been helping a friend of the family’s daughter furnish her dorm room for the fall and couldn’t help but be mesmerized at the incredible, affordable options as of late. But when PBteen sent over these Zio Ziegler sheets, my instinct was solidified: today’s dorm decor is 100% suitable for adults. Need proof? Here are a few favorite products on the market that transition seamlessly from dorm and beyond – no age minimum required…

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    Primary Twists

    06.23.2014 / ARCHIVES, inspiration, toys & games

    I’ve been researching trends for an upcoming product collaboration and couldn’t help but share a few pieces I’ve been drawn to lately. Primary colors and shapes with a twist have been catching my eye from every angle – toys, jewelry and clothing, oh my! For this monochromatic, minimalist mama, it’s been quite a change of pace:

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    My Fitness Essentials

    06.19.2014 / myKind

    For me, a somewhat regular fitness routine staves off so many things, from the less important (low energy levels) to the necessity (anxiety and panic attacks). Since January I’ve been focusing on taking better care of myself, which yes, includes a bit of sacrifice. My alarm sounds at 4:45am so I can fit in a [nearly] full work day plus an hour yoga or barre session. And by the time the sun goes down and Bee heads to bed (9pm …

  • Swim Twins

    06.19.2014 / apparel & accessories

    Bee mostly dresses herself now, but every now and then I’ll find ourselves wearing matching-ish outfits (or doing matching-ish things!). So in the spirit of twins, here are a few mother/kid swimsuit ensembles for the young and the young at heart!:

  • free poster yield design

    A Reminder

    06.18.2014 / ART + DESIGN

    I’m fully convinced that no one really sets out to build palaces; it just sort of happens. We’re grocery shopping and bill paying and Target-going and then, all the sudden, our home is stuffed and our hearts are not. So we move to a bigger house or trade in for a newer model and there, that’s better. But – like all things – the cycle continues when the shiny turns dull and then, over time, we’ve curated quite a palace …

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