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  • hollywood hills art

    Image & Identity

    08.20.2014 / ARCHIVES

    When we lived in Los Angeles, friends from far and wide would come “visit us,” which – let’s be honest – meant “enjoy an L.A. vacation with a free couch to sleep on.” We’d cart them around to various trademark posts: Hollywood, Malibu, the hills of Palos Verdes. We’d hear the same phrase, over and over again: “You guys are livin’ the dream.”

  • F

    Dear Bee // 52

    08.19.2014 / FAMILY

    Dear Bee, Hey lady. I haven’t written you in awhile, mostly because you just cannot stop communicating at home and by the end of the day, there aren’t any more words. We’ve covered everything, from where duck dads come from to your preference for the blue lion shirt, and although I know I’ll forget many of these highlights, I also know I won’t forget the ones I need to carry with me.

  • paul jung on design for mankind 2

    Less, Plus More

    08.18.2014 / ARCHIVES

    It’s Monday, and the words are few but the inspiration is high and these Paul Jung images are just hitting the right notes for me today. I know minimalism is trending high these days (thank goodness – simplicity is a serious ideal this lazy girl can get behind), but I’ve always wondered about the people that do it so well. Have they always been minimalists? Or are they just coming into their own, all the sudden, like when you first …

  • My Favorite Pregnancy Gifts

    08.14.2014 / gifts

    One of my good friends just gave birth last week, and OMG I nearly had a panic attack on her behalf. It seems most mothers I know stand planted in two single-file lines: those who love the fresh scent of newborn babies and find them endlessly intoxicating, and the mothers who have panic attacks on behalf of other mothers the moment that baby emerges from the birth canal. I’m the latter (obv) – the mother who holds memories of nursing …

  • zoo-10

    Zoo Daze

    08.13.2014 / PLAY

    Summer is winding down, and I’m one of those crazy fools who starts mourning the loss of summer before it’s even passed. I can’t help it – my brain just trajects a million miles an hour, a racecar on the final lap. And yes, I do walk around with internal whiplash pretty much daily, you are very correct. So here’s my remedy for the unwarranted end-of-summer-blues:

  • A

    The Rise

    08.12.2014 / ARCHIVES

    “When it comes to our children, we do not have the luxury of despair. If we rise, they will rise with us every time, no matter how many times we’ve fallen before. I hope you will remember that the next time you fail… Remembering that is the most important work as parents we can possibly do.” -Cheryl Strayed

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