• Florida-001

    Selfishness, For Now

    02.17.2015 / WORK

    On writing, or creating an all-compassing piece of art, craft, work: “Embrace this selfishness, for now. Wrap it around you like a quilt made of air… Don’t leave that essential place. Be a good steward to your gifts.” -Dani Shapiro When I read this, I was in bed. It was January, on a chilled but sunny afternoon with snow on the ground and the shades drawn up, up, way up. There were two puppies at my side and a balled-up …

  • erin loechner 4

    Life, Unfiltered

    02.16.2015 / LIFE

    The more comfortable I become with myself, the more unabashed I am in my continuous spelunking for beauty. I search for it daily – behind glass panes at the patisserie, or under the ocean’s highest tide, or in my daughter’s marbled eyes. It hasn’t always been this way. I used to think that an admiration for beauty, or design, or art, suggested vanity. Or lack of depth. Or a dull, narrow mind. I don’t know where this belief stemmed from, …

  • Outfit-8

    Outfits 25 (Part 2)

    02.09.2015 / PLAY

    Another week, another slew of outfits. Want to hear something funny? I talked to my dad on the phone this week (Hi, Dad!) and he says to me, while I’m chopping carrots, something to the effect of: You know, Erin. If you were living a long time ago, you’d have one outfit that you’d wear for one week and then wash it, and then you’d wear it again for another week and then wash it again. One outfit. And I …

  • P1170993

    Spending Time

    02.04.2015 / LIFE

    I do not profess to dislike the Internet. This invention – if you can even call it that, being that its advance has changed our entire world in such a short time and is actually more of a movement, an evolution, no, a revolution – is a gift. We can tap on the keyboard and send flowers to a new mother. We can click a mouse and receive groceries delivered in a white truck, a bearded man tumbling out with …

  • capsule collection

    Outfits 25 (Part 1)

    02.03.2015 / PLAY

    I am a woman of my word, mostly, except for the one time I lied to a pug-loving co-worker and said I had a pug, hoping she’d be my friend, but it turns out she had a pug, too, and wanted to set up a dog playdate and was I available next Saturday? And then everything naturally fell apart, as it does when you make up Winnie, the 11-year-old half-blind pug that was never available for Saturday playdates. I don’t …

  • Hayneedle-Kids-Space-009

    Basement, Check.

    02.02.2015 / WORK

    And just like that, just like a snap of the fingers and a flip of the page, the basement is finished. For those of you new to my psuedo-neighborhood, Ken and I (the “and I” should be loosely referenced), have been renovating our home in the Midwest for oh, five years now? We shared two years (24 episodes!) of the process for HGTV.com, and you can see a few of those highlights here. We then had a baby and took …

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