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  • soma

    Around the Water Cooler

    04.17.2015 / WORK

    This essay was written in partnership with Soma – thanks for reading! When you’re a freelancer, and you’re married to a freelancer, and you both work flexible, semi-odd hours, sometimes you date in the kitchen. You don’t dress fancy – pajamas or jeans will do – and you bring a chilled glass of water in lieu of flowers. And you rise from your respective computers – his and hers, like monogrammed hand towels – and you meet next to the …

  • family

    Us, Currently

    04.14.2015 / FAMILY

    She: Ending her sentences in a high-pitched whisper, like there’s a surprise, like she’s a rainbow, her final words a pot of gold. Fighting the afternoon nap. Favoring cashews. “Reading” from my devotional at night in our bed, substituting Psalms verses for monster encounters. Memorizing iPhone passwords. Hacking said iPhones, taking 3,000 photos on said iPhone cameras. Naming her stuffed koala “Judes My Husband or Gokey or Plop Plop.” Twirling, somersaulting, radiating. He: Juggling a lot, per usual, with a great attitude, per usual. Toddler whispering. Kitchen conference call pacing. Hair growing. Jack-of-all-trading: snapping …

  • Cambria-Wine-01


    04.13.2015 / FAMILY

    I’m in my kitchen, and it is 5:45pm, and there are toys strewn about like ants leading to our fallen tree of a dining room table. I call for Bee to begin cleaning up for the evening, and I struggle to recall the song Daniel Tiger taught her (or more accurately me, as everything I know of toddler parenting I’ve learned from those lynxy little melodies). Clean up, pick up, put it on? Clean up everyone? Is that it? I …

  • drywall and dream 7

    Drywall & Dreams

    04.09.2015 / WORK

    It was this: a rusty U-Haul truck smelling of dog breath and vinyl. Six, seven years ago, maybe more? Ken and I were somewhere near Arizona, moving our hearts and our dish towels from Los Angeles to his Midwestern hometown. My father-in-law was sick, we’d learned two weeks prior. We’d need to come home soon. Over pretzels and Coke, with Teitur on repeat, we chatted about our years on the west coast. The people we met, the jobs we loved, …

  • erin-loechner-for-olive-juice-3

    Memory Muffins

    04.06.2015 / FAMILY

    On Sunday morning, as a child, it was muffins from the box. The kind in individually wrapped packages – with five tiny muffins inside, and on a good day, six – enough to eat slowly and individually, my kick-off ritual for the week ahead. If I was the only one awake, I’d steal away quietly to the office chair, by the piano, and pretend as if I was the tea party’s very own guest of honor. I’d pour my milk …

  • design-for-mankind-erin-loechner-and-family-woodnote-photography-13

    The New Mom Gift

    04.03.2015 / LIFE

    I used to write gift guides. I’d write them for magazines, or websites – gift guides for the smelly co-ed, gift guides for the Ohio stockbroker cousin you see once annually, gift guides for the receptionist that, when cornered at the office Christmas party, admits that she really and truly wants to be an artist instead. Still, my favorite gift guide to write has always been a gift guide for the new mom. I don’t know, it just seems to …

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