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  • rock-climbing-wall-bee

    Our DIY Rock Climbing Wall

    05.19.2015 / FAMILY

    The text came from Ken while I was on the west coast: “Can I put the rock climbing wall in our bedroom?” The rock climbing wall, I’d thought, was a project for later, but I’ve also never been good at predicting the milestones of a child. When Bee received her big girl room, it wasn’t until a three hour nap strike that I realized, Oh, of course. Yes, she can get out of her bed now. She can decide not …

  • kendall jackson and design for mankind

    Date Night, Simplified

    05.14.2015 / PLAY

    Ken has been traveling east and I have been traveling west and we have been packing toothbrushes for each other and switching car seats and sending daily reminders – trash on monday – and swapping duties back and forth like a prized hot potato – pass, pass, pass, stop! Today was stop day. Today was date night, or more aptly date hour given the rainstorm that hit a few moments after we toasted the occasion. But we had found ourselves …

  • spring time capsule

    Spring 2015 Time Capsule

    05.12.2015 / OTHER

    My minimalist tendencies do not lend themselves well to sentiment. I collect, no, hoard, words and images, but when it comes to keepsakes or souvenirs or memory chests for Bee’s future? Eh. And yet, Ken is a keepsaker, a protector of stuff, so thus, my purging attempts never get far and I’m often relegated to ridding our home of excess when he is away on a business trip. Me, the sole receiver of the high one gets from donating four …

  • design for mankind for olive juice 5

    A Secret, A Craft

    05.11.2015 / PLAY

    Earlier this week, to the secret pond. In truth, it is not a secret pond, just a quiet one, and one that had been a secret to us for the first four years we lived nearby. Bee and I discovered it on an errant right turn and have been turning right ever since – on Saturday afternoons to kill time, on Wednesday evenings to picnic, on Friday mornings to explore. It’s special to us, not in that it’s perfect, but …

  • erin-loechner-unboss


    05.08.2015 / WORK

    A lesson from last year: just because you can be a leader, just because you own a business, just because you have one good idea, or a string of good ideas, and just because your title has the word “executive” in it — you do not have to enjoy being a boss. You do not have to listen to entrepreneurial podcasts, attend management retreats, wear a black blazer and tuck stacks of business cards between the pages of Girl Boss. …

  • design for mankind for seedling 04

    Our First Garden

    05.07.2015 / PLAY

    I have never been a gardener. I was once an herb gardener, a few summers ago, proudly amassing three herbs – basil, mint, what was the other? – and then I birthed Bee and every single one of those green sprouts shriveled in that first bleary post-partum week. It seemed my capacity for keeping something alive was limited to one, and a newborn baby seemed an adequate top for the hierarchy. Yet I am older (hopefully wiser?) now, and it …

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