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    The Bad Mood

    11.07.2014 / LIFE

    Oh yesterday.

    There are two kinds of bad days, for me. The movie kind, like in One Fine Day where just everything is terribly-bad-will-not-stop-going-wrong and you just kind of get through it. You show up late to the meeting in your kids’ dinosaur shirt and duck under a newspaper while the torrential rain pours and you redeem the day with a glass of red wine and start anew tomorrow. I get these kind. I’m good at these kind. It’s survival of the elements; whacking life’s curveballs with a racket left, right, left. You know it’s coming, so you just put on a helmet and brave it.

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    11.07.2014 / FAMILY

    I’ve been slowly wrapping my head around our education strategy for Bee, and as of right now, we’re leaning heavily toward homeschooling. We happen to live in a really vibrant homeschooling community with co-ops and clubs and newsletters that provide endless resources for parents and kids alike. And because our family places an emphasis on traveling and adventuring together, it seems like a really good natural extension of what we’re already doing.

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    On Fleas and Forgiveness

    10.28.2014 / WORK

    Raising a kid when both parents work flexible, work-from-home gigs is kind of like sharing a car. You communicate all the time, but about logistics and schedules and routines until one random Tuesday night, you pass each other in the hallway and you’re like, “Hey! How’ve you been?”

    It’s crazy, but the good kind. The great kind. It’s a tackle football game that leaves you rosy cheeked and heavy lunged – maybe limping and grass-stained – but with a lightness afterward because you know you did something that created energy.

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    A Place To Rest

    10.27.2014 / WORK

    There are certain people in our lives that give freely of themselves, offering their time and talents and advice to anyone in need. It’s a rare treat to know these people, and an even rarer treat to have the pleasure to call one of these people a member of your family.

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    My Favorite Convo Starter

    10.24.2014 / PLAY

    I’m not a fan of small talk, not in the slightest. I’m just not good at it; I want to dive in – faster, deeper, down into the depths of what makes us all tick. (I know you’re not surprised by this.) So basically, when surrounded by friends or acquaintances or colleagues or family, I like to keep a few intentional conversation starters in my back pocket for when the constant chatter slows to a murmur and the conversation is in dire danger of turning into weather observation territory.

    I get that this isn’t cool. It’s not effortless (you know how I feel about that word), and it doesn’t necessarily allow for an organic conversational flow. Still, it’s something I can’t shake – this need to actually know each other and not just know things about each other. I don’t know, it’s a thing I have. And so, I ask questions. This one’s a current favorite:

    “What’s the biggest misconception people have about the role that you play?

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    Our Latest Project

    10.23.2014 / WORK

    We’ve been teasing this a bit on Instagram, but we launched the official news right here last week. That’s right – another renovation! (I can’t believe it either.) For those of you who have been following since our HGTV.com show, you’ll know we still had one last space to finish in this home when we took a hiatus to welcome Bee into our hammer-wielding world. And while I’ve been slowly but surely gaining my motherhood footing, Ken’s been transforming the …

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