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  • erin loechner


    05.04.2015 / LIFE

    I don’t know, it’s as if I am two people. Maybe three, but certainly not four because four seems a complete reference to balance, as if life is even and rational, four corners, four winds. There are days in which I am amazing, incredible, earth-shatteringly good!, and then in a moment, in a flash, a dish shatters in the kitchen and a toddler yells and I am concerned, then relieved, then angered, then guilty. That is four, isn’t it? Perhaps …

  • erin-loechner-for-hayneedle


    04.30.2015 / PLAY

    I have forgotten how good it feels. The chill in the air is no longer a bite on your cheeks, but instead, a soft hand on the small of your back. Spring, simply put, is a gentleman. A few weekends ago, with our head in the clouds, we dressed up our back patio. After all, spring is knocking on the door, our date is here, and what shall we wear? Here, a swipe of lipstick. The black heels. A spritz …

  • erin-

    How To Have A Thin Skin

    04.29.2015 / OTHER

    On criticism, then. It happens, and while it generally happens in a constructive environment, it can sometimes happen amidst the public masses – shouting, pointing, laughing – and you can sometimes find it when you aren’t looking, and then you cry, at first. You go to the grocery for eggs and it follows, the criticism, the words, the sting. You hear it on the morning radio and you swallow it with your vitamin, and it stays in you, and it …

  • spring-closet-picks-zappos

    Closet Sprucing

    04.27.2015 / PLAY

    This is a sponsored post for Zappo’s – thanks for reading! When it comes to shopping, I’m out of practice. I blame the minimalist thing this year, and my distaste for the mall for all of the years prior. In truth, I’ve never been a great shopper, like the in person kind, and pre-kid, I’d always preferred to watch movies and devour popcorn in my spare time. Ever the couch potato, never the mall rat. And yet, I have always …

  • erin-loechner-hair

    Hair, Today

    04.23.2015 / LIFE

    I became a brunette last week. It was not an effortless change, not a spur-of-the-moment decision as many of my ill-timed beauty experiments have been. This was not Sun-In, or perms. It was calculated, a mass text to my girlfriends, asking for explicit instructions on my next hair adventure. Go dark, roared the crowd, and so this morning, I awoke, and shuffled to the bathroom, where I saw a brunette – where I saw Meatloaf in the mirror. Over the …

  • munchkin-01

    Messy Mornings

    04.22.2015 / FAMILY

    Banana pancakes, Bee had requested. I’d been traveling quite a bit, had been away from the kitchen timer breakfast waltz: eggs on stove, bacon in oven, and where’d I leave the knife for the strawberries? I had missed her company, and she had missed my banana pancakes, and so, I’d gone against my better judgment and attempted to squeeze a leisurely Saturday morning breakfast treat into a frenzied Tuesday morning we-need-to-be-somewhere-in-twenty-minutes time slot. A note: the we-need-to-be-somewhere-in-twenty-minutes time slot is …

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