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  • erin-


    03.30.2015 / LIFE

    We know that labels are for jars, and we know that we are not jars. And yet, it is an easy trap, boxing ourselves into characters or avatars, for brevity’s sake, of course. We have 140 characters, 5 minutes in the elevator, 10 minutes at a dinner party to explain ourselves, to introduce the passion that beats within our soul. To announce to the world, or whoever is in front of us, yes, yes, this is who I am. This …

  • spring-cleaning-home-decor-glade

    Feeling Spring

    03.27.2015 / OTHER

    This post was written with and for Glade – thanks for reading! So, shortly after publishing this post, it snowed. It snowed and snowed and then stuck to the pavement, and the result was an extra three inches on the ground, and perhaps an extra three inches around my waist from eating my emotions. But you know, patience is something I’ve been working on – quite a lot lately, in fact – so I put the chips and guacamole away …

  • texas style council  1


    03.25.2015 / TRAVEL

    It happened like this. I went to bed last week with a voice – albeit a throaty, hoarse one – and I woke without one. I was in Austin, scheduled to keynote a conference with a gaggle of women who I simply couldn’t wait to meet. They were “Me, too” women – the kind that promise instant and sometimes lifelong connections simply because there are no layers to sift through upon introduction. Bloggers, authors, stylists, women, mothers, a passion burning …

  • bee-and-erin-in-kitchen

    Dot Dot Dot

    03.24.2015 / FAMILY

    Just last week, in the kitchen, where she was still not yet tall enough to reach the pistachios, she asks, “Where’d you guys get me?” “From heaven,” says Ken, one room over, because he comes up with great, short answers, the kind that end in a period. Factual. Truth. A statement. My sentences end in an ellipses, always, even when I don’t want them to. I leave them – unintentionally – open for interpretation, for more questions and ponderings, continually …

  • zappos-1

    Springing to Austin

    03.20.2015 / PLAY

    This is a sponsored post for Zappo’s – thanks for reading! The sun is peeking and the ground is thawing and it’s the kind of week that tricks us into thinking that perhaps we can officially stow away the hats, coats, mittens, gloves until mid-October. And yet, I live in the Midwest, where there’s nothing official about the weather. Our climate is flighty, an 8th grade adolescent feeling equal parts angst and love, responsibility and slack. And so, we’ve been …

  • the bite 2

    The Bite

    03.18.2015 / LIFE

    Last week the jealousy bug bit me, and it latched, and I continued to carry it around my day like there was a miniature snapping turtle attached to my index finger – flailing about and knocking things over. I had less grace, and less patience, and less focus, because see this? This snapping turtle rearing his head, with the triangle teeth? I cannot even pick up my coffee cup without it. When the snapping turtle comes, it is, for me, …

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