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    Our Latest Project

    10.23.2014 / WORK

    We’ve been teasing this a bit on Instagram, but we launched the official news right here last week. That’s right – another renovation! (I can’t believe it either.) For those of you who have been following since our HGTV.com show, you’ll know we still had one last space to finish in this home when we took a hiatus to welcome Bee into our hammer-wielding world. And while I’ve been slowly but surely gaining my motherhood footing, Ken’s been transforming the …

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    Redefining Motherhood

    10.22.2014 / FAMILY

    I sent an email to a girlfriend a few days ago; my sweet friend was feeling frenzied by the demands of a 2-month-old and the juggle of new motherhood, sleepless nights, nursing schedules. When does it get easier, she asked? And I thought about my response for many minutes. I typed many sentences. I created many theories. Three months. Delete. Six months. Delete. One year. Delete. Today. Send. Because it doesn’t get easier. But we do get far, far better at …

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    My Real Bio

    10.20.2014 / WORK

    Hi, there! If you’ve been visiting this site for any number of minutes, you’ll likely have read my “official” bio. (If not, it’s here.) It’s the sizzle reel of my career thus far; the big, celebratory moments awashed in glitter remnants and golden trophies. (Actually, there are no trophies. Can I get a trophy?) There are published bylines and international speaking engagements and sold out product lines. And these are real and true and good and exciting, but these accolades, …

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    An Update

    10.16.2014 / Miscellaneous

    OK, so this week was topsy-turvy, one full of deadlines that didn’t involve the Internet or the computer or anything remotely keyboard-related. I never have those, so it felt pretty nice – spinning real, in-person plates rather than spinning emails or metaphorical plates. I don’t know if that makes sense. It doesn’t, likely. This post is sponsored by very little sleep, a glass of red wine, and Bee, who is currently placing an undetermined amount of stickers on my left …

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    Dear Bee // 53

    10.14.2014 / FAMILY

    Dear Bee, I find it an odd mix of difficulty/ease to sit down and write these letters to you. On one hand, it’s simple. Easy. There’s just so much to say – you are a fountain of exuberance, this helium balloon that floats around our home dancing with energy and zest and joy – and the pure humor you’ve brought into our lives is all so worthy of documenting. But on the other hand, I don’t feel a need to …

  • mess-1

    The Weight of The Moment

    10.13.2014 / WORK

    Ever since I began slow blogging two years ago, I’ve noticed a strange trend in my own life; an unexpected shift that seems counter-intuitive to how I’m wired to operate – how our culture is wired to operate. It’s this: The better the moment, the less pull I feel to document it.

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