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    Simplifying Motherhood

    12.10.2014 / FAMILY

    The easy things are never good and the good things are never easy. Isn’t there a saying about that? Somewhere? In better words? (Google this later.) Motherhood, as I know it, is not easy. But it is so, so good. When Ken and I were new parents – zombies, really – we chatted with friends who were a bit further along in their parenting journey. And I’ll never forget what they shared around a dinner table of take-out pizza and …

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    The Bells Ring

    12.09.2014 / OTHER

    I didn’t want to write this post. It feels scary and raw, and there is a deep temptation to stay in my lane – my self-imposed lane, of course – where I share throw pillows and toys and memories. Things stay fluffy and good; positive and bright. Bright is my specialty, my second set of skin. Encouraging comes easy for me, and I see quite a bit of value in creating an environment where beauty is celebrated and hope is …

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    12.04.2014 / FAMILY

    I’ve been patiently waiting to announce my latest product design with one of my favorite Dutch brands, but first things first – if you haven’t yet transformed your kids’ closet into a reading corner, make thee a Target run. A few body pillows, a small rug, panel curtains, a tension rod (that moonlights as a super unsafe sword when Bee’s friends come over, in case you’re curious!) – and boom, done. It’s by far the best $30 I’ve spent given …

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    Two and a Half

    12.03.2014 / FAMILY

    Two and a half is cashew crumbs and puzzle pieces and crayon wrappers strewn around the office floor. Two and a half is – day after day – removing yet another tag from her shirt, pants, stuffed animals because, “Mom, I did not invite them to be there. They are making me crazy.” It’s piles of blankets on the kitchen floor telling stories about the hungry hippopotamus who accidentally ate a boot. A parade around the kitchen island – bumblebee …

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    A Custom Christmas (Pt. 2)

    12.02.2014 / PLAY

    When Bee was less than six months old and our first Christmas as a trio rolled around, Ken and I were so deep into the newborn fog it seemed impossible to lift our heads to the attic to bring down our hefty bin loaded with Christmas decor. And although tree decorating is one of my own favorite holiday activities, those precious few hours spent hanging garland and polishing ornaments seemed better invested in catching a few extra ZZZs – for …


    Ode To Puzzles

    12.01.2014 / PLAY

    This was my weekend, basically. I’d tipped the scale a bit too much in November with two whirlwind trips to Nashville and New York, three all-nighters and a jam-packed holiday schedule (and surrounding cheese platters) that left my body physically incapable of showering yesterday. And so it was to be, the puzzle. Can we pause for a bit and talk about how incredibly underrated puzzles are? I’ve become borderline obsessed. And when I say borderline, I mean completely I’m in …

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