• Mark-Sturkenboom-Watching-Time-Fly-By 2

    Visualizing Time

    03.13.2013 / ARCHIVES

    I’ve been reading and re-reading your comments, Tweets and emails from this post, and I love how each of your stories are further cementing my need to re-evaluate how I perceive time. Yesterday was a frenzy of appointments, phone calls and missed deadlines, and I ended the day feeling frustrated and overwhelmed (so much that I had to write an apologetic note on my husband’s sandwich wrapper this morning!). And then, as life all-too-often works, the below interview landed in …

  • You Are My Wild

    03.12.2013 / inspiration

    Documenting my children is a huge priority for me, whether I’m writing a weekly letter to Bee or Instagramming daily moments that melt my heart. I know I won’t always remember the folds of her hands or hue of her newborn hair, but I can do my best to mentally capture these early days to the best of my ability. In that same vein, a few of my favorite photographers have joined forces for a weekly project that’s as inspired …

  • A

    The Kid Should See This

    03.08.2013 / ARCHIVES

    I love the idea of raising children in a realistic setting, rather than surrounding them with technicolor toys or unattainable role models. I’m also a big proponent of forever learning – the concept that just because we’re all grown up and no longer in school doesn’t mean we should close the books on a great history, science or art lesson. Recently, “The Kid Should See This” caught my eye as a smart way to combine these two passions while throwing …

  • slowing down

    Slowing Down (An Update)

    03.07.2013 / WORK

    I’ve been getting a few emails here and there asking how my “slower life” is treating me, and I realize I’ve never written a proper update on the so-called experiment. In a nutshell, the change has been amazing, and because there are so many thoughts swirling in my head, I’m going to just open the pantry and unload absolutely everything, all at once. This may or may not be legible.

  • A

    A Perfectly Modern Baby Book

    03.06.2013 / ARCHIVES, gifts

    I’m often asked where to find modern baby books – the kind that aren’t sugar and saccharine, but that are meaningful and high quality and will serve as a landing pad for the scattered memories we so desperately want to hoard during those first few months. And although my old favorite was an admittedly expensive Binth design, I’ve found a new kid on the block that I love even more (at a fraction of the price):

  • organized chaos

    A City of Inspiration

    03.05.2013 / ARCHIVES

    As much as I respect and admire tangible inspiration boards, my favorite thing about cataloging my inspiration online is how quickly I can see trends forming and patterns shaping, molding into each other to determine what the landscape of creativity might look like for the year. After searching my Pinterest feed for a particular image late last night, it became evident just how connected images can be, seemingly conversing with one another – regardless of when and where they were …

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