• From Garbage To Garments: Upcycled Fashion For Kids

    02.26.2013 / apparel & accessories

    Sure, we pass a lot of things down to our kids – our personality traits, quirky preferences and even bad habits (I’m halfway convinced Bee will suck her thumb until she’s in sixth grade, just like her mother!). Yet here’s a refreshing thought: why not pass along our clothing, as well? After all, siblings share hand-me-downs – why shouldn’t the parents join the party, too?

  • evonne bellefluer blocks

    On Intention

    02.25.2013 / ART + DESIGN

    Whenever I’m interviewing an artist or designer about their work, I always make sure to hit the usual suspects: “Where do you find your inspiration?” or “What’s a typical day like for you?” or – perhaps the most telling of all – “Peanut butter or jelly?” Yet, by far, the prompt that elicits the most refreshing answer has always been the simplest of questions: “Why?” Usually, an artist will reply with something deep and thought-provoking about nature or time or …

  • F

    dear bee // 25.

    02.21.2013 / FAMILY

    Dear Bee, Hello, Ms. Personality. I’m praying for your future boyfriends, friends, teachers, leaders and members of your social circle today. Praying hard. Because you, my dear, are what we lovingly refer to around these parts as “Pistol Pete.” Your opinions are forming faster than we can take note of, but the short list is that you love wall vents, floor vents, ceiling vents, electrical outlets, crawling to said outlets, drawstrings, socks, fabric of any variation and form and you …

  • A

    The Weight of Our Surroundings

    02.20.2013 / ART + DESIGN

    Before Ken and I moved from Los Angeles, we vacationed up north with his parents to see the redwood forests – a memorable vacation that would be our last with my father-in-law, “Papa Bill”, who passed away a few short years later. Bill loved trees – a hobby he’d passed down to Ken – and before we left, he gathered several redwood seeds to grow in our dense Midwestern soil. The seeds didn’t take, but it didn’t matter: a year …

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    The Wisdom of Six-Year Olds

    02.19.2013 / ARCHIVES, inspiration

    “If something feels like it’s closing, you should just say, ‘OK, I’m fine.’ You should just let it go and think of … you just think of something else.” -Asa Baker-Rouse, age 6 As the wife of a film editor, I’m often thinking of fun projects Ken and I can work on together as Bee gets older. (The family that films together stays together, yes?) Seattle-based film producer Bianca Giaever had a similar idea, it seems, and what began as …

  • minimal clothing 5

    The Power Of Quiet

    02.19.2013 / ARCHIVES

    As I’ve found myself enjoying a slower pace this year, I’ve noticed a few surprising benefits in my daily routine. Somehow, the act of blogging slower and with more focus has trickled into other areas of my life: I savor meals rather than voraciously shoveling spoonfuls into my mouth, hunched over my desk. I pause before speaking, taking note of the weight my words might hold. It’s almost as if I’ve taken my brain off autopilot and back into manual …

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