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  • Re-visiting The Registry

    04.02.2013 / baby gear

    You knew this post was coming, yes? First-time mom registries are so very funny. We furiously add products day after day, discovering new miraculous lifesavers that promise to make the transition easier and the baby happier and life all around more magical. And then the baby comes and you realize that he hates to be swaddled. And she needs a louder sound machine. Or that bathtubs are sort of unnecessary.

  • jon deunas

    1,000 Frames

    04.01.2013 / ART + DESIGN

    Jon Deunas lives in Portland and is a self-taught film photographer, shooting with cameras older than he is.

  • A

    A Basket of Stories

    03.28.2013 / ARCHIVES, decor, gifts

    Raising Bee to have a respect and fascination for cultures other than our own is of utmost importance to me. Our world is small, indeed, and we have much to learn from those that walk this great Earth among us – whether they’re poets hiking aimlessly through the mountains of Austria or, in this case, artisans settling into the dry foothills of West Africa. And until Ken and I gain enough confidence to travel the world with an infant, we’re …

  • justified magazine

    A Printed Artifact

    03.27.2013 / ARCHIVES

    Founded by art director and graphic designer Joshua Ogden, Justified Magazine provides a breather to our blogging culture while still acknowledging the power and shareability of the Internet. It began as a blog, as these things often do, and has now morphed into a printed format that offers insight into contemporary design and photography – a concise peek at creative individuals who are operating at the forefront of today’s visual culture.

  • A

    Creating With Kids

    03.26.2013 / ARCHIVES, decor

    I mentioned last week that I’ve been noticing a resurgence of artistic, design-driven parents that are inspired by – not despite – their children. It’s been a refreshing trend to watch as I’ve been experiencing my own personal spark of creativity after Bee’s birth. Parenting is demanding, yes, but it also has a way of granting perspective and flexibility and focus – all necessary tools that any creative should be so lucky to find in their proverbial tool box. And …

  • beauty in the everyday - daily essentials

    Beauty In The Everyday

    03.25.2013 / ART + DESIGN, things

    Author Charlotte Moss once wrote, “We must occasionally remind ourselves of our brief visit on this planet. Shouldn’t we try to express ourselves clearly, make a personal stamp on our environment, and pay attention to the details that make the difference?” And I suppose that’s why my surroundings are so important to me. They’re details – a loose narrative, a personal stamp, a collective visual diary of artifacts and mementos and souvenirs that illustrate our daily lives.

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