• The Intersection of Design and Science 2

    Artistic Anatomy: The Intersection of Design and Science

    01.30.2013 / ARCHIVES

    Sentimental cartography – the art of mapping the complex emotions of the human psyche – has been circulating throughout cultures since its birth during the Renaissance era. (There’s a brilliantly subtle example in the children’s-book-that’s-not-quite-for-children: The Phantom Tollbooth.) Yet what happens when an artist seeks to interpret the human body – rather than the mind – by use of visual mapping? A stunning illustration of how design and science coexist – and why this relationship is shaping our future understanding …

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    The Real Truth About Organic Toys

    01.29.2013 / ARCHIVES

    Organic products are all the rage in today’s playgroup circles, accounting for over $100 billion worth of sales in the current marketplace. It makes sense – we all take great, even astronomically expensive, measures to ensure our babies’ health. Yet what happens when the literal fibers of our proverbial safety net – the organic toys – are revealed to contain toxins? Below, the real truth about organic toys:

  • art design and digital voyeurism 5

    Art, Design and Digital Voyeurism

    01.28.2013 / ARCHIVES

    With the unveiling of Moleskine’s The Detour Book, a peek into the notebooks of more than 250 of today’s most creative thinkers, our culture has welcomed yet another artistic method of voyeurism into our lives – and coffee tables. Certainly art has played a role in voyeurism throughout history, yet over the last decade, the Internet has [not surprisingly] morphed from supporting actor into a leading lady of curiosity and exhibitionism. Below, an exploration of art, design and online voyeurism …

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    How To Organize Your Online Life

    01.24.2013 / WORK

    This week, I’m in Salt Lake City attending Altitude Design Summit to present a talk: Getting Your Online Life Organized. Because this is a topic I’m often asked about in reader emails, I thought I’d share a few notes from my presentation today. Thanks to Hayneedle for sponsoring this post, and if you’re also attending the conference, please stop by our suite for a Great Gatsby-inspired party on the lawn Friday night! Happy organizing!

  • How A Start-Up Kid’s Show Is Leading The ‘Slow Parenting’ Movement

    01.21.2013 / Miscellaneous

    Imagine the perfect blend between calm-mannered, informative Mister Rogers and inspiring, energetic Mary Poppins. Loved by children for her playful nature and adored by parents for her gentle compassion, such a blend exists in Ruby, the bright-eyed, spunky star of the newest award-winning DVD series for kids, Ruby’s Studio. Celebrated for its artistic focus and creative energy, Ruby’s Studio is the affable alternative to today’s fast-paced, harried children’s programming.¬†And at the heart of it all? A recognition for an element …

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    What Will Tomorrow’s Meat Look Like?

    01.17.2013 / ARCHIVES

    Five years ago, scientists predicted that as early as 2013, we’d hear rumblings of lab (or in-vitro cultured) meat creeping into grocery stores across the country. And although I haven’t spotted any test tube steak at my local butcher shop, the thought isn’t too far from a reality. So if engineered meat is the culinary future, who decides what it should look like?

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