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  • Michal Fargo vase

    A Vessel To Mold

    04.12.2013 / ARCHIVES

    Michal creates her vessels by shredding a foam cube with her bare hands, digging and peeling and forming – a process she calls “barbaric.” And I find it so very metaphorical that, to create something new, Michal has to destruct the old. She has to carve away the excess, removing and re-shaping and molding a new form entirely – transforming the very existence of the original state.

  • F

    dear bee // 29.

    04.12.2013 / FAMILY

    Dear Bee, You are wildly mobile these days, pausing for nothing and everything all at once. I’ve had my suspicions for a few months now that you’re going to be a very active baby, and this week God delivered a notarized letter of confirmation when you began an official attempt to move the furniture around our living room. I used to do this, too (although certainly not at eight months), so I think God and my mother are in cohorts …

  • Registry Update: Bath & Potty

    04.10.2013 / baby gear

    These updates have been so fun to share, and I love hearing I’m not alone in some of the registry mistakes I’ve made. Here’s hoping this series is helpful for a few of you first time mamas! Today’s installment offers a few new recommendations for bath and potty time!:

  • silk travel scarves

    The Creative Ecosystem

    04.09.2013 / ART + DESIGN

    Bryony’s resume would read much like mine (although decidedly more glamorous-sounding). Born in London, she re-located to Los Angeles after years of touring with her band. She then launched a label of wearable art before settling in to pursue portrait photography and later publishing a book (I know, I’m exhausted). And then, she created Silk.

  • Registry Update: Feeding Time

    04.08.2013 / baby gear

    You guys. I didn’t even include bibs in my registry, if that gives you any idea as to how desperately need to revise this section of my recommended registry. Here we go!:

  • masha reva pattern blending 2

    The Mask Of The Internet

    04.05.2013 / ARCHIVES

    We are what we eat, indeed. Which means that today, I’m a massive plate of avocado toast, inordinate cheese servings and – as of five minutes ago – a whole lot of mindless Internet morsels. I’m certainly not anti-Internet, but I have been making strides to better monitor my information intake. In a sense, I’m on a bit of an Interdiet. (It’s going well, thank you – my pants are looser and I can breathe deeper.) And I’m not alone.

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